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A question on style/form

about 3 years ago

So, today for some bizarre reason I watched Contraband which was easily forgettable, but it did make me think of one thing, it’s form. The high contrast, handheld camera, with lots of use of zoom. I realized I’ve noticed this form a lot in ""realism"" (double quotations, yes.) based dramas, but still fictional dramas, taking on a kind of “drama documentary” look. Like the Hurt Locker amongst others.

I am mostly asking because I am not exactly sure that to call it, and thought I would ask you guys. I hope I am not sounding too naive. I just would like to define this kind of style I’ve been seeing to trend specific dramas.



about 3 years ago

Handheld photography that is constantly bobbing? Quick pans and sudden zooms that do nothing but call attention to themselves? I’ve heard the terms shaky cam and queasy cam<i/i> and snatch-and-grab used.


about 3 years ago

“Imitation Paul Greengrass” or something to that effect has been applied to this style.

about 3 years ago

Thanks guys!

And aha, Hellshocked. It’s true, you’re completely provoked by every emotional que by some sort of quick zoom or disorienting movement.

And Takaawesome, I’m not really familiar with Paul Greengrass but I do know he did the Bourne movies. Did he sort of trend this style? I mean it’s kind of takes documentary conventions but gone kind of berserk.

I’ve just noticed it to be really popular a lot lately and wanted to kind of come to an idea of how to define it. Which is funny because I don’t like it.

about 3 years ago

Thank you!

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