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Andrei Tarkovsky and Leonardo da Vinci

Umberto L.

over 3 years ago

In recent times I noticed that in Tarkovsky’s films, Leonardo da Vinci’s work or persona are referenced quite often. As far as I can recall, in Mirror and Sacrifice there are shots featuring Leonardo’s paitings and drawings, while in Voyage in Time – the behind the scenes mockumentary above the location scouting for Nostalghia, co-directed with Tonino Guerra – Tarkovsky explains that the reason for which he was astonished by Robert Bresson is that the French director was the only one who managed to achieve absolute simplicity in Cinema, as it was in Music for Bach and in Art for Leonardo.

Now, the thing I am most curious about is: does anyone know why did Tarkovsky admire Leonardo so much? And what kind of relationship does exist between these two geniuses of the mankind?
Plus, are there any other references to Leonardo in Tarkovsky’s cinema that I have missed?


over 3 years ago

Matt Parks

over 3 years ago

da Vinci in Mirror and The Sacrifice,
Piero della Francesca in Nostalgia.
Breughal in Solaris
Durer in Ivan’s Childhood