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Best Concert Youv'e ever been to


about 4 years ago

I don’t go to as many concerts as I would like to, both because I’m always broke and because most of my favourite musicians are retired or dead, but the concerts I have gone to have all been great, so I’ll just list them (in semi-order):

System of a Down w/ Mars Volta – ACC (My first)
Our Lady Peace w/ Keane, Hot Hot Heat and a bunch of others – Edgefest @ Molson Ampitheatre
White Stripes – Molson Ampitheatre
Ours – El Mocambo (went backstage after the show)
The Cure – ACC (Probably the best one…4 encores and all of my favourite songs…our seats sounded terrible, but we were right above the stage)
Leonard Cohen – Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, I believe it was
X, Mudhoney, otherss – Free show at Dundas Square
Iggy Pop, Raveonettes, others – another free show at Dundas Square

I think that’s all of them.


almost 4 years ago

i have seen a lot of great concerts, but the most special one was:
Gene Loves Jezebel last year @ WGT !!!


almost 4 years ago

Explosions in the Sky at the Hollywood Palladium 2009


almost 4 years ago


almost 4 years ago

“Elmer fishsticks” & “branduponthebrain”,I am seriously jealous,lucky bastards!


almost 4 years ago

Roger Waters – The Wall, Zagreb 2011


almost 4 years ago

The best concert I’ve ever seen was The Joy Formidable just three weeks ago in a smallish venue in Sacramento. I sure I’ve said several times that a show was the best ever as it ended, but now after three weeks, I still think this Joy Formidable was the best.

The place was fairly small, but the crowd was psyched, and I snagged the spot right against the stage and right in front of Ritzy Bryan. Amazing. Picked up her set list too.

Oh, and that site Songkick that Jose mentioned is a great way to keep tabs on who is coming to your area and to keep a record of what you’ve been to.

Frank P. Tomasul​o, Ph.D.

over 3 years ago

I think there was a similar (if not EXACTLY the same) thread several years ago. I’ll reproduce what I wrote there:

I’ll be giving away my age, but:

Ravi Shankar and his whole troupe at Lincoln Center

Ravi Shankar at Fillmore East (in the midst of a 2-hour raga, a sitar string burst and flew across the stage. Ravi repaired it and started over from the beginning!)

Ravi Shankar in Central Park (My girlfriend and I were seated in the first row, about 8 feet from Ravi, who was up on the stage. She decided to light up a joint. When she passed it to me, I said, “You’re not supposed to smoke pot at a Ravi Shankar concert. He disapproves. The music is holy to him.” She continued to puff away. Then, Ravi smelled the weed wafting up to the stage. He stared at her and said into his microphone, “Would you please stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking? I cannot smell my incense on the stage!” I pretended that I wasn’t with my pothead girlfriend, especially since about 3,000 people (and a dozen cops) were now staring at her. Finally, Ravi advised her to “Get high on the music.” The audience exploded with applause.) MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT IN MY LIFE!

Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder tour with the Band, Madison Square Garden (Dylan’s last song was, appropriately “You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine.” However, the audience wanted an encore. New to “rock” concerts, I didn’t know what it meant when hundreds of audience members started lighting matches and flicking on cigarette lighters. I thought they were going to BURN DOWN Madison Square Garden because Dylan wouldn’t come out for another song. I started looking for the fire exit, until my hip fiends calmed me down. After 15-20 minutes, Dylan and the Band came out and sang (Guess what?) … “You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine.” Then everyone got the message.)

Bob Dylan in the Dallas Convention Center, 2003 Leonard Bernstein conducting Mahler in Carnegie Hall

Beethoven’s Ninth in the Hollywood Bowl

Pete Seeger on Staten Island Jefferson Airplane in Central Park Richie Havens in Tompkins Square Park (Havens wore a thick overcoat in 96-degree summer heat.) Simon & Garfunkel reunion concert in Central Park New York Philharmonic’s 4th of July concert — 1812 Overture — with live cannon blasts at the end Zubin Mehta conducting Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde in Royce Hall, UCLA. Pavarotti Meeting Frank Sinatra backstage at the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon Iin 1976 just before he went on to sing. Judy Collins in Central Park Joan Baez in Central Park Allan Ginsberg reciting poetry while playing the harmonium in a New York church

I told you I was old…


over 2 years ago

Bob Dylan , Zagreb , 07.06.2010

under cônstri​ction

over 2 years ago

secret chiefs 3 , prefaced by fat32, a crazy band that couldn’t define their style. and they were right.

i haven’t been to many concerts, anyway.

and i’ve been to Negură Bunget, a few years ago, on my birthday.


over 2 years ago

Uzeda. At Monastero dei benedettini, Catania, july 9th 2005


over 2 years ago

David Bazan Living Room Tour. I hope more bands do things like this. It’s sort of a bourgeois punk-house-concert because people are usually sitting quietly in a circle drinking imported beer as opposed to moshpitting and throwing stuff as the band screams incoherently—but it’s still great.
Living Room Tours

We saw Pavement at the Sasquatch festival and it was great because they were very Pavement-ey: they kept on restarting their first song for some reason, they stopped midway through another one, they came on late and went way over their alloted time, they made fun of Sandra Day O’Connor, made fun of themselves, darkly bantered with each other to the point where no one could tell if they were serious or not, and looked generally peeved at each other the entire time. Non-Pavement fans were flummoxed and yelled obscenities, most of whom were just waiting for LCD Soundsystm to come back on stage (to about twice the audience). They basically played in front of thousands of people with the enthusiasm of playing in some dude’s living room. To Pavement fans, however, it was like the perfect Pavement show.

I would like to see Dylan, Prine, Van Morrison, and Haggard before they… die.

Elvis Is King

over 2 years ago

Hard to believe the two best live concerts I’ve seen were held only 15 days apart in December 1975.

Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band’s Born to Run Tour


over 1 year ago

Gosh, lots of good ones……….just a few here

Lou Reed ~ Rotterdam 1996
Nico & John Cale ~ London (1985?)
Yusuf Islam ~ Brisbane 2012
Alice Cooper ~ Brisbane 1975
Queen ~ Brisbane 1976
Robin Trower ~ Brisbane 1977
Hunters and Collectors ~ Brisbane some time late 80s
David Bowie ~ Brisbane 1978 (The Angels were the support band!)
Bob Dylan ~ Brisbane (1977?) also 2007
Rolling Stones ~ Brisbane (was it 1994?)

oh, too many to list!

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