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Contemporary Japanese Cinema

bolo tie

almost 4 years ago

I’m hungry for contemporary Japanese cinema, but I’m suffering from braindeadness about what to seek out. So … gimme me some lists!

I’m wanting stuff especially in the vein of “The Taste of Tea,” “Tokyo Sonata,” etc. but really I’m just looking for volume here more than anything else.


almost 4 years ago

How about the movies of Hirokazu Koreeda? Still walking, Nobody knows and Maborosi are recommended.


almost 4 years ago

Survive Style 5+ – Gen Sekiguchi
The Postman Blues
Cure – Kyoshi Kurosawa
Pulse – "
Bright Future – "
Departures – Yojiro Takita
Fireworks (Hana-bi) – Takeshi Kitano
Eureka – Shinji Aoyama
A Snake of June – Shinya Tsukamoto
Battle Royale – Kinji Fukasaku
Tony Takitani – Jun Ichikawa

You’ve probably seen some, but ok.

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