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Do you prefer the Dollars trilogy or the Dirty Harry series

joey Noodles

over 2 years ago

Seems a bit of a random question but I was wondering what you thought of the two and which ones you prefer. I certainly think that Leone’s trilogy is better made but I think that some would argue Dirty Harry is more entertaining. Thoughts?

Brad S.

over 2 years ago

Dirty Harry is a great movie, but the sequels, not so much. Dollars are three great movies that actually builds to its masterpiece with the third.


over 2 years ago

both are very much of their time and a little tough to get thru these days

the plots of the Harry films were more clever so I suppose I would vote that way


over 2 years ago

Dollars trilogy.



over 2 years ago

Dollars trilogy and it’s not even close.

Scottie Ferguso​n

over 2 years ago

I’ve only seen GBU from the Dollars Trilogy, but I’ve seen all of the Dirty Harry movies. The sequels are anywhere from mediocre to decent, but the first one is a truly great film, and I’ve never loved GBU.

Checkpo​int Charlie

over 2 years ago

Overall I prefer Leone’s trilogy, the best being the final installment. The first two in the Dirty Harry (the eponymous one and Magnum Force) series were decent I thought for their narratives on police corruption and vigilantism while the rest, despite their flair and insightful bits, only did so much to broaden the idea of the character and the purposes behind his actions. I guess I am somewhat in the camp of viewing Harry Callahan as a sort of borderline fascistic character, and I feel this idea gets plenty of prodding in the first two films, especially Magnum Force.


over 2 years ago

I agree with the consensus – Dollars Trilogy and it’s not even remotely close. (Although A Fistful of Dollars kind of sucks IMO and is a total rip off of a better movie anyway.)


over 2 years ago

There is no comparison to be made here. Dollars all the way.


over 2 years ago

I prefer the original Dirty Harry to anything that Leone did. The rest of the films in the series are borderline crap (Magnum Force has some decent scenes though). So, Dollars all the way!