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Favorite Novel of Yours which is dying to made into Film

Captain Planet

almost 6 years ago

Ah, Josh Ryan, my man! I knew I was “following” you for a reason. Can you imagine it as a movie? It sure would require a huge traveling budget and dash of special effects…I would have loved it if Edward Yang could direct it, he was the master of intertwined narratives, but I guess it’s the same as wishing for the adaptation. : ( Oh, it could be a pormanteau film, like each director from each respective country: Sion Sono fof Okinawa/Tokyo, Wong Kar-wai for Hong Kong, Wang Xiaoshuai for Holy Mountain/Mongolia, Aleksandr Sokurov for Petersberg, Stephen Frears for London, Martin McDonagh for Clear Island, Oliver Stone for Night Train, and back Sion Sono for Underground.


almost 6 years ago

Haruki Murakami´s “Norwegian Wood”


almost 4 years ago
Pynchon’s Gravity’s rainbow


almost 4 years ago

might think he’s a schmuck who’d schtoop any cat he came across to sell his own book, but i’ll tell ya what man, this novel really opened my eyes. highly recommend.


almost 4 years ago

Katherine Dunn’s “Geek Love”

David Huxley

almost 4 years ago

BRITTLE INNINGS, Michael Bishop’s Southern Gothic World War II baseball novel, would make a wonderful movie.

Matt Parks

almost 4 years ago

“I wish someone would make a film of THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, or any of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, that stuck more closely to her vision, without adding easy bummer endings.”

Did you see Cavani’s version of Ripley’s Game? My recollection of the novel is fuzzy, but it seemed to me to be much closer to the spirit of the novels than was Talented or Purple Noon.

I’d love to see an adaptation of Russell Banks’ Cloudsplitter and of Paul Bowles Let It Come Down.

Z. Bart

almost 4 years ago

Why would a novel want to die in order to be made into a film? It hardly seems like a good career move for the novel.


almost 4 years ago

At The Mountains of Madness

on a more serious note I think Malick should adapt Don DeLillo’s Point Omega.

John Lehtone​n

almost 4 years ago

I’d love to see someone take a crack at 2666.