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Help with making subtitles

The Africa Film Project

over 3 years ago

Ok I’m not sure if there is another thread for this already, but I want to make subs for rare films and I need some advice and even willing volunteers to make this all come true.

As many of you will know and have seen I have been adding many African films onto the database over the last twelve months. Only a selection of these are available on the net and even fewer are included with English subs. I am really excited about building a team of translators and subbers and creating a catalogue of African films which have hardly been seen around the world. Yes this will be time consuming and will involve no financial gain, but for anyone who is love with World cinema and can help then this will be a great chance to unearth and showcase films that really have laid undiscovered for many years.

1. Firstly I need people who are able to use and create subs. I know nothing about this and need someone to show / help me with this. Anybody who knows how to create subs and wants to help out with this project would be greatly appreciated.

2. I need translators. Unfortunately my knowledge of languages is GCSE French and I need people who are willing to translate the films. The languages that I am looking to translate from are Arabic and French. Later on I might need Afrikaans, and Portuguese.

3. I am really open to suggestions. If someone has seen a great film from Africa be it from Egypt, Senegal or elsewhere and it needs subs please contact me.

Surreal Moviez has 239 films in its archives less than twenty of them have subs. Half of which belong to the great Youssef Chahine. The same to a lesser extent for Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, South Africa etc etc

Here are five films I have pencilled in for this project. The films have medium to minimal dialogue, and are marvellously shot and really deserve greater recognition on this site and in the cinema world.

My Wife and the Dog, Said Marzouk, Egypt, 1971

Cairo 1930, Salah Abouseif, Egypt,1966

Gabbla, Tariq Teguia, Algeria, 2008

Les Hommes de la Foret 21, Julien Samani, France, Congo, 2008

Goi Goi, Mahamat Saleh Haroun, Chad, 1995

This is just a start……. But what a place to start from.

Please message me if you like to join this exciting project as I will not be able to do this on my own, and will rely on the help of others!!

The Africa Film Project

over 3 years ago


Even advice on how to how to make subs for films would be great!!

Monsieur Zom

over 3 years ago

I have downloaded the necessary tools to create subtitles a while ago and have plans to make some for several movies only available in French, but I have yet to actually do anything. That said, I’m probably gonna check it out in the following days. I’d love to help in such a project, but I don’t have access to those films.

Yuki Aditya

over 3 years ago

I use VIsualSubSync. It will detect the sound into the software like waves, then you just listen the sound track, type the sub and timing the line with two clicks. Very easy

Monsieur Zom

over 3 years ago

Just checked out VisualSubSync and wow, it’s a very efficient program. Thanks for mentioning it, Yuki Aditya, way easier than the program that I had.

I have an English subbed copy of ‘Goi Goi’ – let me know if you’d like to get it.

Rock and Bull

over 3 years ago

Sorry I can’t help you, but I just wanted to say I think this is great as I have found many wonderful films by downloading torrents and then fan produced .srt files. This has allowed me to watch tons of movies I wouldn’t have been able to without the extraordinary people who decided to take the time to translate it so people like me could watch. Good luck!