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Just had the worst movie theater experience of my life. I'll share mine, and I'd love to hear yours.


over 2 years ago

So I’ve been going to the movies for 22 years, and there has been a huge change in the way people behave in the theater. That’s not news and it’s not surprising, but man I was floored by how awful the crowd was at The Hobbit midnight release. I’m sorry to rant but I’ve really got to get this off my chest.

My wife and I bought our tickets over a month ago, and have been looking forward to this little event. I live in a small town, and midnight shows are generally really fun and tend to have a much older crowd. I usually end up chatting with various people, sitting with or near them, and maybe even taking a few minutes to chat after the film. Nothing major, but obviously people interesting in a midnight showing are more enthusiastic about the film than the people that wait a week or two.

So we show up at around 6, and there are only two people in line. Two girls, both very young (probably under 20). They’re typical, younger girls, but they’re not annoying or loud or rude so at that point, things were going well. But about an hour or so later some new people came in and got behind us in line. More girls, and they were also very young. Young enough to be doing basic level chemistry homework and complaining about having a test tomorrow. So probably 9th or 10th grade. I’m betting on 9th.

Now, this is where it started to go downhill. More and more people started showing up, and I realized something. Nobody was wearing Hobbit stuff, or LOTR stuff, or even looked like people that read the books or were even old enough to see the first movies in the theater without a parent. It was just a totally different crowd from what I’m used to seeing, and I honestly felt like the oldest guy in the room. And chances are, for the most part, I was.

Now that by itself wasn’t a big deal, but pretty soon the people behind us had a flood of friends come in, and they were difficult to be around. They were obnoxiously loud, cursing and singing randomly. Like, singing Soulja Boy and Smash Mouth and all these really terribly songs and they were all just going along singing them. Then more came. And it got louder. And eventually they were all just basically talking to themselves, loudly, quoting random lines from Youtube videos, movies, and music. All just letting their every thought pour out. Then they started getting rowdy and at one point a bag of chips or something flew across the line and smacked my wife in the head. Instead of apologizing they asked “did that hit you?” My wife said yes, it did. Then, as if to break an awkward silence, one of the girls nervously laughed and went about her business.

Then I really started to get pissed. I’m old fashioned I guess, but I believe that your ass in a seat or on the floor means that’s your spot. Holding a space for one, maybe two people is one thing. But suddenly the two girls in front of us started getting tons of attention, and before I knew it there was nearly 15 people all meeting up with her. They were all getting in front of me and my wife. Now sure, maybe they all entered the theater together, and all of them left but the two girls, but I’m not sure I buy it. Why? Because they were all greeting each other, introducing some people, and saying happy birthday to one of the people. So it sort of felt like they were all meeting there once it got late. So, should I complain? I thought about it. Then I decided I couldn’t because one of their friends that got in front of us was friends with the manager, another person obviously under the age of 25 or so. They’re friends with the manager so I seriously doubt he’s going to give a shit enough to do anything about it. So I let it go because who cares, they’ll all take one row and I’ll sit behind them.

So now we’re let into our theater and thank Christ the people behind us in line were going to the 3D showing. We went tot he 2D showing. So it finally seems like things are looking up. But…no, they got worse somehow.

The trailers start, and you almost couldn’t hear them because so many people were talking. Not whispering, but talking at a normal, indoor volume. I thought it was a little strange but eh, maybe nobody but me cares about trailers. So I didn’t think much of it. In between every single trailer people all throughout the theater shared a joke. Why? Because they were all professional comedians and had everybody crying tears of hysteria and delight. Or maybe not. Maybe nobody but their friends laughed and everybody else just sat there in silence like normal people. It was so weird. I’ve so rarely experienced this. My wife and I were just looking at each other in confusion.

Then the movie started…and I’ll be damned if the room barely got any quieter. People were chit chatting all over the fucking place. A whole row of people behind me were just having conversations throughout the entire film. There are entire scenes I can’t really remember because I honestly couldn’t focus on them. Now, eventually, most people did get pretty quiet. I could still hear muffled whispers everywhere, which annoys me, but it’s not nearly as bad as openly talking…

But the fucking people right behind me wouldn’t stop. They were laughing and snickering and just catching up! Talking about anything and everything. It was obvious they were only there because they got dragged along but seriously how fucking rude could you possibly be? Eventually, the people beside us, and my wife, started doing the classic look-back approach. You know, when you stretch your head back to “see what the noise is all about”. Better than going SSHHHH, and it normally gets the message across. Well, the people behind my wife got quieter but the people behind me didn’t. I have never once in my entire life had to ask somebody to be quiet, but eventually I did. I turned around, looked some ~17 year old girl in the face (she wasn’t even facing the screen she was just looking at a friend talking out loud) and I said “hey will you be quiet?”.

And she actually looked stunned. Like I was being rude or something. I could hear her friends whispering, all trying to figure out what had happened. Laughing about it. They did get quiet for most of the rest of the film, but still people just talked OUT LOUD from the start, to the finish.

Near the end of the film somebody said, totally out loud,“man it’s too bad the world is ending in a few days and we’ll never get to see the other two movies”.

I could probably post more little details about this shitty night but you get the idea. I’m sorry for being so long winded but I just can’t believe how bad the crowd was. Nobody laughed at the funny parts of the movie, nobody was quiet for the quiet parts, and nobody seemed like they even wanted to be there. Nobody even seemed like they knew what they were watching.

My wife and I paid $20 to go see this movie, so I know everybody else did too. Why would you even agree to go to a movie if you didn’t want to see and had no serious plan to shut up during it? What the fuck is wrong with people? I mean am I crazy? Is this really normal and I’ve just not experienced it somehow until now?

I can tell you this much: every other midnight showing I’ve been to, and the midnight showings my wife has been to without me, never had these fucking chatty Cathys. People might have talked during the trailers, but the moment the movie officially started it got SILENT because the crowd was there for the movie!

I actually looked around a lot to see and sure enough, there was maybe 5-10 people that looked my age or older. The rest of the fully packed theater was easily under the age of 25, and a very big chunk of them were high school aged.

So yeah, that’s about it. Again, sorry to rant. Now…I’d love to hear your stories about the worst experience you’ve had.

my worst experience at a movie was three loud fucks chatting during STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and later they dropped a bottle and it rolled all the way to the front of the theatre and then they laughed loudly over it

after the movie i poured water on them though because i rule

that’s the thing though, i’m a great human being, like just an exceptional character, so i behaved in a manner which made the disruptive people REGRET being disruptive. and also guaranteed that anyone who was there won’t be disruptive in that theatre in the future, for fear of retribution

why didn’t you do anything? why just shush SERIOUS OFFENDERS? they go home and laugh about the meek fuck who shushed them. sure, maybe you didn’t have a drink to pour on them, but you have a fist and they have faces. now i don’t know how old you are – you sound p old from your story – but surely you’re still able to beat the living shit out of a teenage girl, i mean cmon


over 2 years ago

I told the people behind me to be quiet, and for the most part they did. But I’m not going to get up and walk around the theater and personally ask or tell every person I hear or suspect of talking to be quiet. And I’m certainly not going to violently attack a teenaged girl because I’m not a lunatic. I was in the center seat, near center row. I could have gotten up, disrupted the movie for a lot of people, gone out and found a manager and explained what was going on, missed a big section of the movie, walked back in and found my seat again, and allowed the manager to cause a huge scene for even more people if he would have done anything about the chatter. But it’s no good to further ruin people’s time just because I’m not having a good time. That doesn’t make me any better than the people that were sitting around me.

Even if I was a lunatic and was willing to throw my drink or yell in their faces or do something drastic, because of the TDKR shooting, my movie theater had a police officer right in the lobby walking around and checking on the screens. So I would have gone to jail over people talking in a movie. And I’m really not interested in going to jail or having some self-important teenager’s parents press charges and drag me through a slow litigious nightmare.

EDIT Strange that people would talk during Strangers on a Train though. I saw 2001 a few years ago and some guy behind me, or a few rows behind me, was trying to explain what was going on to the girl he was with the whole time. It didn’t really bother me though for some reason. I guess because I’ve seen 2001 about a hundred times and I only paid four dollars to see it, and he wasn’t very loud. Plus it was kind of amusing.

Just seems weird to me to know that even in classic films and art films you still risk sitting next to a talker.

Jurassi​c Pork

over 2 years ago

Kiddie Fiddler has the right idea. Can’t let morons get away with that shit. Kids need to get slapped around.


over 2 years ago

“The trailers start, and you almost couldn’t hear them because so many people were talking. Not whispering, but talking at a normal, indoor volume. I thought it was a little strange but eh, maybe nobody but me cares about trailers.”

When I was young they did not have movie trivia and other ads playing before the trailers. The curtian covered the screen and it was dark until the curtain opened and the previews and movie started.

Back then (only 15 or slightly more years ago) people would talk when the curtain was closed and get church quiet when the curtain opened.

People are ruder today than ever before but I think that having a running image that they can talk thru (the trivia and commericals before the previews) the second they walk in has made them feel as tho they are at home with no reverence for film because no curtain opening

Bijoux Alexand​erplatz

over 2 years ago

Odd because this is the second time today I’ve been reminded of mine. It was so bad I didn’t go to the theater for almost a year.. But since this is the one day of my life I don’t want to remember, I’ll share a lighter story.

Saw a festival movie in 2002 and it had been filmed on a very low budget a few years prior. After the film, I saw a couple of young women complaining about the “so ’90s” outfits in the film, and it was obvious that their conversation wasn’t going to get much deeper. Not really a bad experience, but I think I rolled my eyes so hard I got a headache.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

I feel for you. I get this from everyone, sometimes the adults in my age group, more often than the teens. I get people non-stop checking their cells, texting, talking, LOTS of people kicking my chair and worse yet, putting their feet (sometimes with shoes, sometimes without, YUCK!) draped over the seat next to me. I get people rapping, yapping, talking non stop, etc.

Years ago, I would do what you said, politely look back & they usually got the message (BTW, that was a LONG time ago when you also had paid ushers who made darn sure people behaved and respected everyone in the theater and that was when tickets were only a couple of dollars), I pick my battles, & if the person looks like they’re going to get physical or combative or hostile, I just move to another seat if I can.

I went to some show a few months ago and saw a man infront of me quietly enjoying the movie and 2 people next to him were talking on their cell & he NICELY said something like PLEASE could you refrain from talking on your cell, & the lady a grown woman in her 40’s threw a cup of soda on the guy & started screaming. Nowadays the rude people get “theater rage” and throw a punch when you politely ask them to be quiet.

I try to go to the morning matinees when the thetares are alot less crowded and I can sit FAR AWAY from people..I bring a coat or sweater even in the summer and put it in the seat next to me hoping no one will sit there.

When I went to Life Of Pi..2 older looking ladies, like early 60’s, late 50’s sat in front of me & at 1st I thought. oh good, I bet they will be polite and quiet..GUESS AGAIN! They kept yakking to one another, LOUDLY and answering their cells…even after the film started so I POLITELY asked them to refrain..and you guessed it, they got sarcastic & nasty with me. Fortuneately the theater was only about half full so I just moved BUT I missed the opening. and had to sit through it again.

Pretty much the same thing happened at Skyfall and I had to stay for the first 15 minutes again because I missed it.

WHY do people pay money to YAP & talk to eah other, on their cell phone, etc. Just stay home please & let the people who DO want to see the film enjoy it.

The worst experience I had was some years ago at the Will Smith film I Am Legend. I sat thorugh the whole film, and at the last like 2 minutes, the literal end & end dialogue…a literal gang (yes a gang we have them in suburbia these days too) flooded in and started a fight in the front of the theater. At the LEAST I missed the end, at the WORST I was very afraid and none of the patrons could leave, we all stayed back in our seats until the managers heard and got secuirty to make them leave. I stayed through the entire film again just to see the end.

My local thetare even tried public service announcements that air before each film with messages NOT to text, talk, answer your cell, fidget, to be polite & courteous..and they even intelligently use The Muppets and Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax to do the PSA’s hoping to get the message across in a non threatening, entertaining manner…it does no good…People continue doing so DURING the PSA’s and film..and again it’s not just teens or kids..I get this all the time from families, soccer moms with toddlers. senior citizens….it’s just how people are these days…UGH!!!!!!!

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

Oh..and P.S. our 2 local art house cinemas have a “no infant” policy. Ya think!! Whatever happened to people getting babysitters? I see people brining in newborns to R rated loud films with explosions (which with the dolby sound probably isn’t safe for a samll babies developing inner ear & hearing anyhow), & of course an infant wants to sleep & eat & can’t…so you guessed it, they scream at the top of their lungs until mom or dad carry them out after I miss half the movie. Don’t the parents care that they miss half the movie? I don’t get it.

Jurassi​c Pork

over 2 years ago

They only go to a movie to catch the most superficial bits of action so they can have seen it. People feel culturally compelled to see them otherwise they wouldn’t be ‘in the loop’. If they personally cared they’d shut their mouths. Haven’t been in a theater in 7 years but it sounds a hell of a lot worse now. Never been in an ‘art theater’.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

You know if I won the power ball lottery, I swear I would build my own actual mini movie theater like you see movie stars have, with a real popcorn machine & beautiful red velvet seats & curtains & gold brocade, etc…and ENJOY!

At the least I would take a great woman cave with the works, home entertainment thetare, music, TV system with speakers, etc. I’ve looked at a few for fun in Best Buy, they have a room you can check them out & they start at a couple grand but it’s well worth it if you have it.

Matt Parks

over 2 years ago

Going to midnight screenings of blockbusters is just a bad idea.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

I would never go to the opening day or night or midnight screenings..not nowadays. Morning matinees are usually best & even they have their problems. Like I said, the less people in the theater, the better, then run for your lives, & sanity. LOL


over 2 years ago

Well, honestly midnight showings are usually pretty decent. Like I mentioned before, it’s normally, in my experience, it’s really only something that the enthusiasts of that particular film go to. So they’re more respectful.

A good example is The Dark Knight Rises. I went to the marathon of all three films, and my crowd was awesome. Mostly older people (like 25 and older), all hardcore Batman fans. Everybody was talking with everybody, but the moment the movie started it was silent. it was silent the whole way through three films.

But this was the first time I’ve been somewhere that wasn’t for the fans. It was just random assholes. There were even people in line reading recently purchased copies of the book (well, the first 1/3 of it) so they knew what to expect. I was really blown away.

@Mateusz (sic)

I think kids need some kind of discipline but I’m not willing to become violent and attack a stranger over talking during a movie. That’s the kind of things crazy people do. What would be a better solution is if theaters actually paid people to stand at the sides and ushered people out if they couldn’t stop talking. People are too entitled these days.

@Arlene Weiss

Yeah sounds like you know what’s up. Funny you mentioned the kids thing, I’ve got one for ya. When I saw The Road (McCarthy’s story) there was a man and his ~8 year old son. Thought that was strange considering how graphic the story got at times.

I’ve also had dreams of opening up my own movie theater. As a general rule, I wouldn’t allow children. Depends on the film, but for the most part you should leave them at home anyway. No phones allows. Obviously you could take them in, but three strikes and you’re out. Permanently. No talking. Three strikes and you’re out. Permanently. I’d also space the seats out a bit. Imagine walking into a modern theater, and taking out every other seat. That’s what I do. That way people are far less inclined to talk, and everybody gets their own arm rests, and have a personal space to put their coats or whatever else you might have.

Obviously, I’d likely go out of business but fuck it, it’s my dreams. In my dreams only people that cared about film would go so it would work out and everybody would give me trophies for my amazing theater. Also, I’m jealous you live in an area with art theaters. I live in a small town in West Virginia, so…yeah. College town. So my theater is full of college kids, dumb rednecks, loud mouths mothers, and general societal wastes.

I’m moving to Longmont, CO pretty soon so hopefully I’ll have better luck in that area.

House 0f Leaves

over 2 years ago

I went to the midnight showing of The Hobbit last night and the audience was great. Most midnight audiences are, I’ve found, at least for the movies I go to see at midnight (mostly the Tolkein films, actually). I think it’s because for these kinds of films there is a high-level of investment from its core fanbase, and also a lower level of douchebaggery.


over 2 years ago

yes midnight audiences are REALLY there for the movie so they generally stay quite outside of clapping and oww and ahhhing when Taylor Laughtner takes off his clothes

Jurassi​c Pork

over 2 years ago

Yar, what happened to ushers? Such simple problems, very easy to solve them.


over 2 years ago

I find that about 30% to 40% of the time I end up having to tell someone to shut up when I go to the theater…..I fully expect to have to do it again at The Hobbit when I go to see it on Sunday afternoon.

The worst experience was the drunk guy in the theater during Jurassic Park III. He was yelling at the screen through the whole film….fortunately, the movie was such a cluster cuss that he was more amusing than anything that was going on up on the screen.

Then I have experiences like Argo where the theater was packed but you could have heard a pin drop during the film…..

Also…To Kill a Mockingbird where there was a mix of age groups and everyone was respectful and quiet..

From my perspective the risk is always at the big blockbusters…..


over 2 years ago

No ushers, nobody being quiet, phones, whatever…the whole problem likely boils down to a few things.

First of all, movie theaters have become such a common, normal, open place in public, that it’s truly hard for people to believe what the problem is. I’ve had friends (HAD) that literally could not understand why I got so bent out of shape over them checking their cell phones constantly. They say “the screen is so little and I dim it”. It’s a position that by nature means the person is totally unwilling to even believe that it’s truly bothersome for others. People think of movie theaters like malls and parks.

Another problem is cell phones in general, and what they’ve done to people. People are dependent on their phone. Every hear a person say they couldn’t live without their phone? I have. Why couldn’t they do it? Why couldn’t the cashier at Arby’s live without their phone? I think cell phones are really convenient, but too many people think of their phone as an extension of their personality. It’s a way to “express” themselves. Facebook, Twitter, and any other quick access site that provides a cool image of yourself is becoming like a partner for people’s real personality. It sucks.

Humans are social by nature, and cell phones with the internet allow people to be social in a newer, easier way. Everyone here can agree it’s much easier to be open and honest on the internet. Rejection is easier in an email, speaking your mind is easier when you’re not looking at a group of people in the face…it’s just a big open space to scream into without having to really worry. And for some people the idea that somebody couldn’t have that convenience even for a few hours is hard to stomach.

A third problem is the overall sense of entitlement. This is America, and I’m free to do whatever I want. Obviously, I can only speak about my country, but it seems about right and makes a lot of sense. People aren’t free in so many ways that we go out of our way to glorify the freedoms we think we have. The freedom to be on your phone is one of those examples.

Check out this video from the Alamo Drafthouse

She’s a perfect fucking example of what I’m talking about. I’m going to elaborate on the call, because it speaks volumes about the types of people I’m describing. Self absorbed, impossibly inconsiderate and ignorant, self entitled babies.

The last problem is that nobody is willing to be an usher in a movie theater anymore. People are fucking nuts and honestly, for 7.25 an hour, most people are willing to take the risk. I honestly think it’s such an antiquated idea at this point, and so totally unheard of for the people it would weed out, that it would cause more problems than any theater is willing to go through. It would likely disrupt the entire theater, the people may refuse to leave, throw a temper tantrum, possibly even get violent. It’s hard to say, but none of that shit would surprise me in the least.

So a combination of all those possibilities has got us where we are now. It really sucks.


over 2 years ago


Yeah, I totally agree. The risk is far greater at the blockbusters.

The loud women behind me at Fellowship. The guy shouting WATCH OUT during Friday the 13th (remake…somebody offered to buy me a ticket). The 13 year old girls that skipped school to see Where The Wild Things Are that could not stop going D’AAAWWWWWWW at every moment.

I’ve been talking with my wife, and I think from now on I’m just going to add two weeks to any release date. That way I know when it’s hopefully safe to see. Sad that the people that have the most interest in film have the worst time in theaters, and therefore have to see movies later. People like us, the quiet ones that have a deep love for film, should see films first. Let the idiots and douche bags wait.

Jurassi​c Pork

over 2 years ago

Cellphones and the internet allow for a lack of communication. People have become serious non-entities in person.


over 2 years ago

//People like us, the quiet ones that have a deep love for film, should see films first. Let the idiots and douche bags wait.//

LOL…couldn’t agree more Matt!


over 2 years ago

@Mateusz (sic)

Yeah that’s a good point. It’s that pseudo-communication that’s become prevalent.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

I’ll never forget when I went to Terminator:Salvation and EVERYTIME actor/rapper Common appeared on screen, some lady, sitting with I think her husband, literally jumped out of her seat or stood up, pointed at the screen and yelled, “IT’S COMMON”, “HEY LOOK, IT’S COMMON”!

Yeah, I got that 20 times ago lady. Oh my lord… And you guessed it, I had to sit through the entire movie again to catch what I’d missed.

@ Matt said “The last problem is that nobody is willing to be an usher in a movie theater anymore. People are fucking nuts and honestly, for 7.25 an hour, most people are willing to take the risk. I honestly think it’s such an antiquated idea at this point, and so totally unheard of for the people it would weed out, that it would cause more problems than any theater is willing to go through. It would likely disrupt the entire theater, the people may refuse to leave, throw a temper tantrum, possibly even get violent. It’s hard to say, but none of that shit would surprise me in the least.”

I also mentioned (and lamented) the loss of ushers in my 1st post…and what ticks me that if theaters would have maybe kept ushers all along and enforced people to behave responsibly, perhaps their now completely reprehensible behavior would never have gotten so out of control and filled with self entitlement. Unfortunately, people will always act in the most lowest common denominator way unless they truly feel there are consequnces and repercussions to their behavior. They won’t act responsibly because it’s the right thing to do, but they WILL act that way if they are told in no uncertain terms TO LEAVE the theater if they don’t shape up..which is the way it always was when I was growing up.

What also ticks me off, is my local theater has no ushers, but they have I guess you would refer to them as general staff (not the managers), who clean each theater or walk around to make sure people know which thater in my cineplex is showing which film thay paid to see, when they get lost, etc…

Now this general staff does absoultely nothing if you’re throwing a literal 3 ring circus in the theater or in the lobby, ruining the movie for everyone else…but God Forbid, if you bring in a bagel or a drink from outside that you didn’t purchase there, they get medieval on you. True Story! No outside food or drinks because they won’t make…$4.75 for bottled water (when people bring their own @ .50 cents, or a dollar.

What these idiots do NOT realize or care about is that the REASON movie ticket sales & attendence is down and continues doing so is:

1) Noisy, irresponsible patrons disrupting and ruining the movie for cinephiles who care about the movie going experience.

2.) Astronomical food & beverage prices, often much higher than the ticket price. My thetare charges $4.75 for bottled Dasani water (only $1.50 at the grocery store or McDonalds), $6.75 for a SMALL popcorn..I could buy a STEAK for half that at the market and an entire 12 pack of Orville Redenbacker for half that., $5.00 for an ice cream, $5.00 for a HOT DOG, Jesus Christ on a cracker are you kidding?

3.) Even though the general staff “cleans” the theaters after each viewing, most times you would never know it, as trash, food, spilled drinks are everywhere…which is another reason that I prefer to go to the first matinee show.

4.) A crappy “experience”…when I started going to movies as a kid, you had TWO curtains on every screen. The first was a beautiful scalloped drapery that went downwards and was slowly raised up..then you had 2 curtains going from each side to the middle, that “Dramatically parted” as the film began…creating an event, a magical mysitcal, momentous, special experience, outside of your home…that was memorable, special and added to the mythology and emotional resonance of the film you watched, in SILENCE, because if anyone even talked, they were admonished by the usher.

5.) Small screens. When I was a kid movie screens were humongous…now when I go to an IMAX film, people go ooh and ah like it’s a really big screen..when to me it’s not even as big as the regular screens were years ago.

6.) GREED & APATHY by the movie theater companies & employees. As I said, instead of being hardasses about people bringing in a one dollar water or bagel, they should LOWER their food & beverage prices to fair prices, bring back ushers to enforce responsible behavior by all patrons in the theaters, enlarge the screens & put back curtains to make movie going an “experience” , and lower movie prices too, etc. (these days a ticket price, food, beverage, can cost at peak hours $25 or more…when movies used to be the most affordable pastime in America…even in & including during the Great Depression 1930’s when all movies KNEW to keep their rates affordable so even during America’s worst economic times, everyone could afford a day at the movies…..all resulting in an entertaining, fun, special event & experience that people will want to leave their homes and pay to see..for the memories, for the fun, for the enjoyment of experiencing all of the joys of cinema. Oh..and bring back double features & cartoons and PLEASE for the love of God, get rid of advertisements & commercials…just saying!

Jurassi​c Pork

over 2 years ago

“And you guessed it, I had to sit through the entire movie again to catch what I’d missed.”

Ah! So these people are planted there by the studios! Very clever, they’re making it so that 2 bad movie-going experiences are necessary. Like planned obsolescence. Bastards.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

I just realized how dinosauric I must sound, “when I was a kid”…in 1894, we walked 10 miles in our bear feet through a blinding snowstorm on 2 days rations just to watch the first motion picture< “Fred Ott’s Sneeze”. Talk about classic cinema! LOL!


over 2 years ago

Yeah, movie theatre employees just simply aren’t paid enough to confront customers about their behavior.

As for the concession prices, I’m usually outspoken in defense of them (because that’s where the theatre actually makes its money), but even I can’t justify $6 for a small popcorn, which is the most recent price hike my local multiplex did. I still go out of my way to buy concessions to support the theatre itself but I don’t think it’ll be very long before I just can’t do it anymore. I’m down to buying a kid’s pack that is one tray of popcorn with a tiny soda and little bag of graham crackers for $5; on the plus side it really is the only amount of popcorn and soda I need, and graham crackers are INFINITELY superior to the other candies provided, so I actually do like the product quite a bit, but once its price goes up I’m out. I just can’t do it anymore.

But this whole thing brings me back to my belief that repertoiry theatres are on the rise and these multiplexes are just dying. Ye Locale Independente Theatre is a one-screen deal where I know the owner personally and he’s usually running the whole show, so if I complain about someone’s behavior, that person will be kicked out. As the link shared above shows, Alamo Drafthouse advertises itself by its dedication to kick out misbehavers. The multiplexes have no choice but play the corporatese ‘customer is always right’ game, but repertoiry theatres can’t afford that shit.



over 2 years ago

I also remember the two curtain deal. Hearing those little motors kick in meant it was time to be quiet. While I miss those old theaters, I’d rather be in the new ones. Way more comfortable seats, more room, nobody’s head in the way…but still. The old ones had a certain charm to them.

I’ve never been to any IMAX at all so I can’t comment on the size, but I do know there are like four different IMAX screens that you can go to. And the smallest one isn’t much larger than a large normal screen.

And unfortunately, we only have two theaters in my town. We used to have three, and when the Marquee opened, they all went out of business in a week. Then the mall opened up a Cinemark, which is where I prefer to go. But that’s it. And neither one of them have HFR stuff so if I want to see The Hobbit with HFR I have to drive about 1 1/2 hours into another state to see it. Lame. I will though. It’s how I saw The Master.

One of the old theaters here that shut down was fucking awesome. It defined classic. It was called The Keith Albee theater, and it was just beautiful. I’ll share some photos.

That is what it used to look like.

That is some website showing what it looks like now.

Right after the Marquee opened up, all three of our old, nice theaters went under. One of them tried to stay in business by becoming a discount theater. It was great. $2 for a matinee, $4 bucks after 5. $5 but an “exclusive” film (usually really small indie releases that wouldn’t go to a big theater). They also had “flashback Monday” which is when they would show classic old films. I saw Ghostbusters, 2001, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and many others.

But I guess in this shit town not even the chance to see classic films or films at a discount is good enough so of course, like everything else, it went out of business for a second time.

I’ve gotten way of topic but it’s just so disappointing. The Cinemark and Marquee are nice but they aren’t Keith Albee nice. I wish I could find more photos but the Keith Albee was just a thing of the past. A work of art. The lobby was fucking massive, and had giant chandeliers hanging down, and big chairs to sit in. Massive open stairwells that would decent down one full floor, to the underground bathroom. Along the way you could sit in big couches and benches. The theater only had 4 screens. The one I showed was the main one, and if it wasn’t playing there then it probably wasn’t worth seeing.

When I saw movies there people were quiet. Then I start going to a “chain theater” and things became what they are today.

Siiiigh, the good ol’ days haha.

Arlene Weiss

over 2 years ago

@ Matt said, " A work of art. The lobby was fucking massive, and had giant chandeliers hanging down, and big chairs to sit in. Massive open stairwells that would decent down one full floor, to the underground bathroom. Along the way you could sit in big couches and benches. The theater only had 4 screens. The one I showed was the main one, and if it wasn’t playing there then it probably wasn’t worth seeing."

Back to when I was a kid..but yeah we had all that too..I loved the chandeliers, red velvet carpeting, grand descending staircase to the balcony section. reclining couches in the lobby which were also decoaretd with movie posters & art deco, while you waited for the film to begin.

Really miss that so much. :(

The good ole days indeed.


over 2 years ago

The last movie I got to see in the Keith Albee was Star Wars Ep. III.

: (

So, not even ending that memory on a high note.