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Most disturbing/controversial film you've ever watched?

El Edgarii​n

over 4 years ago

Punishment park. A very foreboding picture back then, which shockingly reflects the political opression and corruption that is being conducted on us today. It is very scary how accurate it is.Kinda like Network.

Johnna Nicola

over 4 years ago


I am so aggrivated!

I thought I had seen “Gummo” and liked it (I couldn’t remember for sure because it had been awhile and I have seen a ton of movies), so when I had the opportunity to rewatch it tonight I was really excited. After watching the intro I realized I had NOT ever seen it and was so siked that I had the chance to check it out. I have read on MANY list (this one included) that is it one of the most disturbing movies ever, so I couldn’t wait to see what I was getting into.

Without spoiling it for anyone who has not seen it, it was a HUGE disappointment. Sure it had disturbing elements to it, but it very “PG”, and at times just flat out STOOOOOOOPID. There were so many random things being thrown into it to add to the “weird” factor that it actually took away from what little plot there was. That just made the whole thing seem even more cheesy.

I got the impression they were just going for “Let’s just make this as fucked up as we can” and not care so much about whether it made any sense. I don’t know? Maybe I missed the whole point, but I doubt it. I like to think I know a decent movie when I see one… I definitely love a movie that makes me want to think and contemplate. All this movie made me want to do was make a stiff drink, warn others not to bother watching it and forget about it….

So, what’s next peeps????

House 0f Leaves

over 4 years ago

The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes by Stan Brakhage.

I’m not easily ‘disturbed’ by fiction. Martyrs, Irreversible, and so on—as shocking as they may be I find comfort in their unreality. It’s the real stuff that sticks with me, and maybe none more so than this film, which I never have to watch again because of its impression on me, and its final truth that we are all meat, and all due to be unceremoniously handled by dispassionate workers on the slab.

5/5, by the way.

chad bentley

over 4 years ago

I was going through this list and was quite surprised I didn’t see A Serbian Film listed but finally Johnna posted it. Right on there. I haven’t seen a lot of the ones on here but damn, A Serbian Film is really messed up. And a pretty good movie at that (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this). A wonder someone can put together a movie with such material.

I also enjoyed Funny Games and I’m surprised to hear it’s considered so controversial. And I also remember Irreversible having some hard to digest parts. What a depressing film.


over 4 years ago

Bloodsucking Freaks is not a particularly good film and it tries too hard to be shocking. If you’re a teenager, it might offer some stupid giggles. Salo is a better example because it’s a piece of art designed to force the audience to stop watching.

A Serbian Film or The Human Centipede tend to fall into different categories than Salo. They are like the amusement park ride or the skydiving excursion that folks will goad each other to do for a momentary shock or thrill.

Drew Boggemes

almost 4 years ago

I have found through my experience with underground artists and fanatics that only a certain type of appetite will be whet by this sort of aesthetic/philosophical umbrella, but those who are genuinely intrigued will be hooked for life, therein lies the true meaning of the term; a scarce group of people driven to a self-sustaining “underground” community, where everyone knows everyone, who are generally shunned by those who hold ethically and technically sound art and literature in the highest of esteem (I have also discovered that those involved are almost always highly astute in the history and finer points of their respective medium).

To anyone truly interested in delving deeper (the “underground” puns get pretty old after a while) into this fringe art scene, try the following films, filmmakers, writers etc. for starters:

Jorg Buttgereit
Jim Van Bebber
Ron Atkins
Roger Watkins and Last House on Dead End Street

Peter Sotos
Adam Parfrey and Feral House

Boyd Rice

If you find the lack of technical aptitude or moral uprightness contained within said examples offensive, this stuff isn’t for you.

Graveya​rd Poet

almost 4 years ago

The Act Of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes
Last House On Dead End Street

without a doubt INTERRACIAL HOLE STRETCHERS 6. that scene with annette shwartz and lorelei lee? yikes!

Drew Boggemes

almost 4 years ago

Incidentally, while compiling the list I came to the realization that the list of my favorite films runs parallel to that of which have disturbed me the most profoundly:

Scum and Elephant by Alan Clarke
Combat Shock by Buddy Giovinazzo
I Stand Alone by Gaspar Noe
Salo (a popular choice, for damn good reason) by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Fear by Gerald Kargl
Cutting Moments by Douglas Buck


almost 4 years ago



over 3 years ago


SALO by Pasolini
MARTYRS by Pascal Laugier
THE PIANO TEACHER by Michael Haneke

and maybe
CUBE by Vincenzo Natali


over 3 years ago

Probably Dead Ringers.

controversial? without a doubt MILK NYMPHOS – a dude went on trial for that


over 3 years ago

Santa Sangre, but it’s so damned funny!


over 3 years ago

The first time i saw Event Horizon, i was 8 and it disturbed me more than anything i’ve ever seen since then.

That movie still frightens me.

Antichrist definitely disturbed me, Flowers of Flesh and Blood was “ruined” bc i’d seen the documentary on it before i’d actually seen it.

Also, I second Odi’s Dead Ringers, if there was an equivalent made about urologists, it’d probably be the most horrific thing in the world to me; i couldn’t imagine the first trip back to the gyno after that film haha

“Lemon Popsicle 4- The VD years”


over 3 years ago

Hasn’t anybody mentioned CARGO 200 yet? I think this is one of the most cruel, sad and terribly true to life film I’ve ever watched.

I’m becoming curious about Salò by the way


over 3 years ago

Salo and A Serbian film.

Aaron G.

over 3 years ago

Salo, The Isle, and Violated Angels.

Edwin N

over 3 years ago

Some films I find disturbing in their wonderfully fascinating approaches to show humanity at it’s most cruel and infuriatingly violent moments in an extreme yet unforgettable way.
Others , I find to be extremely intolerable in their crude and extremely vulgar way of trying to find funny jokes out racism and homophobia. I’m an avid supporter of Family Guy, South Park or in their ‘subtle’ ways of depicting these issues ; but I found Bruno to be the most insulting/disturbing piece of shit I have ever seen up until now – and that after having watched Jessica Alba’s Mother Theresa act in the horribly racist Honey.

Emily Anderso​n

over 3 years ago

For visually disturbing, Antichrist and Cannibal Holocaust. Both amazing but i would never watch again. For emotionally disturbing Margot at the Wedding, Gummo and Cries and whispers.


over 3 years ago

Lars von Trier’s
The Dreamers

Alex et Niko

over 3 years ago

go watch our movie guys and you may be change your top 5

House 0f Leaves

over 3 years ago

^ I can vouch for this one. It’s good, too.

Johnna Nicola

over 2 years ago

Hey guys!

Has anyone seen anything lately worth mentioning? I’ve been a bit out of the loop.



over 2 years ago

Anything with Nicholas Cage.