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Mubi IPhone app?


over 4 years ago

Well I’m getting quite fond of this social network. Does anyone here knows about a Mubi App for posting and reading from the IPhone? If not, It would be very useful…using Safari is kinda tiresome…


over 4 years ago

Yes please!

Marc G.

over 4 years ago

I’m hoping that this is in their plans.


over 4 years ago

I was hoping for this too… Probably wishful thinking, but being able to scan a DVD UPC and add it to your favorites/to watch list would be pretty great.


over 4 years ago

First they should at least optimise the site for iPod/Phone/Pad.


over 4 years ago

Seriously this is the best idea ever. Flixster is just terrible. LOVE MUBI!


almost 3 years ago

cough Android app too.

Marco Pierrar​d

almost 3 years ago

Yes please MUBI team, please ! An app on Iphone and Android would be so great !

Sefer Taslı Sapık

almost 3 years ago

Would love to see that soon. Please. Lütfen Sayın Çakarel!


over 2 years ago

I would love an app or an optimised for iPhone / smartphone website please MUBI, pretty please??

Alexand​re Beaudoi​n

over 2 years ago

I would also love to see it on iphone and for JUNIXU : andoïd cough ;)

András Marczel​l

over 1 year ago

Mobile optimised site would do, no need for an app, although that would rock too. Rating films and searching the database is what I would use most often on iphone. I would not watch films on it, like on ipad, so the app wouldn’t have to include that feature. Is there a roadmap for mubi development?

Alan Smiffey

over 1 year ago

“I would not watch films on it, like on ipad, so the app wouldn’t have to include that feature.”

I would watch mubi films on my iPhone. In fact, as I don’t have an iPad, and have neither need nor intention of getting one, I miss a lot of the films on mubi due to being time poo in the evenings. However, on an iPhone I could see every film each day due to my commute.

Mathieu Verbeec​k

over 1 year ago

Hello All – I’m happy to announce our first iPhone app was just submitted on iOS store in the following countries: US, CA, UK, IE, DE, FR, IT, NO, TR, AU, NZ.

Like the iPad app – you can download films for on the go viewing!

Hope you will enjoy it :)

Please feel free to report back any issues – we’re still polishing some of the designs and updating some potential minor bugs – so please bear with us …

Mathieu (I’m looking after the Product Development activities @ MUBI)

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