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Out of Federal Court, Finishing my film, WTF


about 5 years ago

I am commenting on the film I am making. I got sued in Federal Court in Boston to prevent me from making it. I was called all kinds of names on by the clowns opposing me making the film. I was threatened with a hit man and a beating by bikers for wanting to make this film.

The journey is almost as interesting as the film itself. The craziest thing is this. After 5 years of research and a 6000 Plus vitrolic thread of the craziest crap you would ever want to read. Am investor came to me and offered to invest in the film and sent the money last week.

The title of my film is The Search for Count Dante, you can see a Cinelan 3 minute doc about it on and at under the name Deadliest Man Alive. I want to share my experiences with other filmmakers.

greg x

about 5 years ago

Floyd, what’s up with the film? I mean how far along is it? I remember reading about it on Metafilter back in 2007 and the people there were loving the idea.

Here’s the link in case you missed it at the time.


about 5 years ago

Wow this looks fascinating. Please keep us posted and I hope it all comes through!


about 5 years ago

i will make a full press release and initiate topics this week. I never saw the Metafilter postings. Thanks!!!


about 5 years ago


Joe and Karen

about 5 years ago

Sounds like a great movie.

One of the cool things about sites like this is the ability to correspond with film-makers such as yourself.

Thanks for posting and keep us updated on any progress.

Floyd Webb

about 5 years ago

Weird things happen on the way to making a film. Now I am helping produce a late night martial art film series starting in August with a guy who used to be an usher at the McVickers, one of the Kung Fu cinemas, home of the the fans called “the McVicker’s Masters.” Chicago back in the 70s and 80s has about 5 theaters in a three block radius of one another. Their bread and butter was Kung Fu and Blaxploitation films for along period. Interesting fact is that the actor Michael Clark Duncan was one of his fellow workers there.

The series will be called The first event is already planned for August 30, 2010. Hong Kong cinema legend Ron Van Clief, “The Black Dragon”, will attend in person to screen his bio-pic. Of course the biopic is titled, The Black Dragon; The Legend of Ron Van Clief. His skills were highly showcased in Hong Kong films after the death of Bruce Lee.

It will be interesting to see what residual audience interest in revived for the late night martial arts cult screenings. My partner in this, Kirk Haygood, is a martial arts instructor with a school and extensive connection in the Chicago martial arts community. It is an under-served demographic. I am operating on the assumption he might be onto something.

Meanwhile I am started shooting again. I am always researching and asking people questions. People are always coming at me with bits and pieces about this guy Dante/Keehan. Crazy times ahead.

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