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I love Tarantino films. They serve one purpose: to make you excited to go to the cinema. The man knows wayyy more about cinema than any of us do, I think you must admit this. So his films are what they are. And I like that. I mean, what exactly are “flaws” in Kill Bill? It’s all so tongue in cheek that I dont know how you can’t enjoy every moment of it. Because I know I do.

Bobby Wise

over 6 years ago

the main flaw in “kil bill” is its scope. there’s no way that movie needs to be a two-part epic. the other flaw is the first volume. for me, it pales in comparison to the second volume. also, in “kill bill”, for the first time, tarantino’s trademark dialogue sounds stilted and forced. the characters don’t talk like real people anymore, which is what we loved at first about the freshness of his voice. now they talk like characters in a movie who know they’re characters in a movie. in other words, just a tiny bit too much postmodern irony for my tastes.

andrew kay

over 6 years ago

Jackie Brown is his most satisfying and mature piece of work. Pulp Fiction’s clever structure is betrayed by the endless emotionally disconnected strands of quotable dialogue, which, of themselves, are fine, but when looked at again it’s just dialogue for the sake of it, and it detracts from the overall effectiveness of the film. Whereas Jackie Brown manages to conjure up real characters with main protagonists you care for.


over 6 years ago

I think he’s a genius. He is just an excellent director, and of course, directed my favourite movie of all time – so I gotta give him credit for that. He is a little bit self-absorbed and obsessed with his work, and actually appearing in most of his films just confirms that; but his films deliver, and that is absolutely all that matters. I do need to see more though.

1. “Kill Bill” 1 & 2 (2003) – A+
2. “Pulp Fiction” – A
3. “Death Proof” – A-

Dan Chung

over 6 years ago

Films for me are two things: (1) what they want to say, and (2) how they say it.

Tarantino is very good with #2 (like the Coen Brothers), but for me falls short in #1 (like the Coen Brothers). Being a good filmmaker does not equate to being a genius. People throw around that “G”-word too often.

Gene Kelly Forever

almost 4 years ago

Quentin Tarantino is the best filmmaker in the world my favorite films that I have seen at the moment are:
1) Reservoir Dogs
2) Pulp Fiction
3) Natural Born Killers
4) True Romance
5) From Dusk Till Dawn
6) Planet Terror
7) Death Proof
8) Sin City
Quentin Tarantino is the best screenwriter ever he is such a legened just like Martin Scorssese!!
Love you Forever Quentin Tarantino you are the best!!!! :) <3


almost 4 years ago


You’re right about Reservoir Dogs being his best though.