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Recommend me movies like... (Romantic, bittersweet, coming-of-age..etc)


over 3 years ago

Ok I’m just gonna list a bunch of my favorite stuff and if you have ANY recommendations of films like these then feel free to contribute. We’re talking romantic stuff, colorful gorgeous photography, youthful coming-of-age stuff, high-school, teen love, bittersweet, wistful, fairy-tale, fantastic elements, films that are both funny and sad, moving and inspiring, you get the gist. Animation, foreign, classic, independent, I don’t care. Although I do like at least seeing stuff with a moderate amount of production value. And I’m more particular to 70s 80s American cinema, and Asian cinema.

First of all Woody Allen, John Huges, Wes Anderson. Probably my favorite directors of all time.

and something along the lines of

Harold and Maude, The Graduate, Gregory’s Girl, The World of Henry Orient, Brewster McCloud, Metropolitan

or even more traditional romantic stuff that are done well like Say Anything, When Harry Met Sally, Christmas in August, Someone Special, Man and Woman, Comrades: Almost a Love Story

and I guess films like 500 days of Summer or Submarine, although these aren’t as amazing to me. But on paper, these work.

Thanks in advance for any rare gems I’ve missed


over 3 years ago

Before Sunrise


over 3 years ago

Wristcutters: A Love Story
Whisper of the Heart
Water Lilies
The Wackness
(Untitled) (2009)
Stardust (2007)
True Romance
Show Me Love
Spanking the Monkey
Rocket Science
Reality Bites
5 Centimeters Per Second
My Summer of Love
Mary and Max
The Last Word (2008)
A Knight’s Tale
Kicking and Screaming (1995)
Joe Versus the Volcano
In Between Days (2006)
Igby Goes Down
Ghost World
The Dreamers (2003)
Dare (2009)
Bridge to Terabithia

Anabelle Lee

over 3 years ago

Restless (Gus Van Sant)
Noi Albinoi
Trust (Hal Hartley)
Running on Empty


over 3 years ago

Jump Tomorrow

Last Chance Harvey


over 3 years ago

You might like Crazy, Stupid, Love and perhaps Little Miss Sunshine.

Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors as well.


over 3 years ago

I want you to watch Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (1990).

I was going to say it probably isn’t on Mubi, but then I see someone’s mentioned Jump Tomorrow, thus my tongue be held.

Liked Kipperbang more then Gregory’s Girl. young love—the cause of many wars.


over 3 years ago

Anabelle Lee mentioned Trust by Hal Hartley and I would add my favorite Hartley Surviving Desire to that.


over 3 years ago

I’ve seen Crazy, Stupid, Love and Little Miss Sunshine of course.
Been meaning to finish Before Sunrise, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will though.

Will check out the other recommendations little by little. Thank you all :)

Maximil​ian XXI

over 3 years ago

American Graffiti fits in with almost everything in your first paragraph.

“romantic stuff” – check
“colorful gorgeous photography” – check
“youthful coming-of-age stuff” – check
“high-school” – check
“teen love” – check
“bittersweet” – check
“wistful” – check
“fairy-tail” – not really
“fantastic elements” – not really
“films that are both funny and sad” – check
“moving and inspiring” – check

“moderate amount of production value” – check
“70s 80s American cinema” – check


over 3 years ago

The Year My Voice Broke
The Myth of the American Sleepover
Stand By Me
Breakfast Club
The Last Picture Show
Bye Bye Birdie (did you hear about Hugo and Kim?)
I Wish (Koreeda)

Aditya Ikhsan Prasidd​ha

over 3 years ago

In Search of A Midnight Kiss

christo​pher sepesy

over 3 years ago

Go check out all the 70s/80s output from Neil Simon. They were the basis for all the ‘nice’ rom-coms that followed.

The Goodbye Girl, Only When I Laugh, Chapter 2, Max Dugan Returns , etc. If this is your bag, it’s really ok stuff.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue, however, has some bite to it. It is limned with real pathos, and Jack Lemmon plays it beautifully.

Doctor Lemongl​ow

over 3 years ago

Andrew, I strongly recommend that you investigate the early films of Michael Ritchie, who is most famous for THE BAD NEWS BEARS (a far more sophisticated movie than you might suspect it to be, especially if you saw the awful sequels).
Ritchie’s brilliant SMILE meets all the criteria you listed, plus it offers a mostly unfiltered glimpse of California middle-class suburbia, circa mid-1970s. Calls into question their social mores without sneering in contempt or judging. Bruce Dern should have won an Oscar.

A remarkably clever picture about coming of age is Peter Yates’ BREAKING AWAY (1979) that provides a small-town look at class distinctions in a funny, at times almost surreal way. If it had been made last year, it would be called SLACKER CYCLIST and get hailed as indie gold.

GIRL WITH GREEN EYES (1964, Desmond Davis) vaguely places you in Henry Orient territory, but with all the trappings of early 1960s Brit New Wave.

Quirky and surreal story of a free spirit: I’VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING (1987, Patricia Rozema) is a clever and inventive yarn about a sweet, kooky artist. Could have been as treacly as LOVE, ACTUALLY, but writer and director decided to be smart instead. Very much like HAROLD & MAUDE in style and tone.

RACING WITH THE MOON (1984, Richard Benjamin) is a traditional coming-of-age romance with a young Elizabeth McGovern, SEan Pean, and Nick Cage, but this WWII home-front story is better than it has a right to be.

Another WWII homefront story that is far more unique is The WIZARD OF LONELINESS (1988, H. Anne Riley).

Jason Callen

over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

Thank you all! So many recommendations I don’t know how I’m gonna get through them all :P


over 3 years ago

Stand by Me was pretty good, perhaps a bit dated..but still very charming.

Rocket Science was funny and charming, but its deliberateness use of music and look/tone can be kind of off-putting..although i’m not the one to usually complain about these things, i thought it was funny how the director was quoted as saying he did not want a “Wes Anderson artificial snowglobe world”…

Trust was by far my favorite of my recently watched films.

Next on my list is Breaking Away, Bad News Bears, Jump Tomorrow, then the Neil Simon stuff, then some of the others. :)