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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Newton,Ct. Video 27 Dead, 18 Children


over 2 years ago

House 0f Leaves

over 2 years ago

Breaks the heart and confounds the mind.

Many people I know are using this as a springboard to call for gun control. Many others I know are clutching their guns wishing they had been there to help protect those children.

I suppose I would lean toward having better security in places like this (i.e., easy-target/high-risk areas). Why, after Columbine and Virginia Tech and the others, all school buildings don’t have metal detectors and armed security guards is beyond me. Every city in the nation can fund traffic light cameras and a system to send you tickets with a picture of your vehicle on it but they can’t do this? Bullshit.

I don’t think it’s realistic to think we’d ever get all the guns off the street—there will always be a black market for them and people who hoard the ones they have now that the government doesn’t know about. The best we can hope for is to make it more difficult, I suppose, but that doesn’t eliminate all risk.

A pity that, when these assholes decide to carry out these horriffic acts, they’re usually deciding to kill themselves after. I wish they would just put that as list item number one.


over 2 years ago

yes the need to end the life of strangers is not something I can pretend to understand

I dont know if the coverage of these types of things makes for more of these types of things (meaning deranged people see all the attention a murder gets and decides that is for him) or if the coverage ends up making things safer.

I know I was deeply touched by the Amish community that quickly forgave their attackers years back and I am often impressed by people’s ability to help and gather together in terrible situations.


over 2 years ago

At this very moment some folks somewhere are scrambling to be the first to get the movie rights for this tragedy.


over 2 years ago

This is very sad. Haven’t choked reading or listening to news items before but this is perhaps the lowest depth of human depravity. The fact that elementary school kids and their teachers were killed just makes it even more heart wrenching. Inexplicable and hopeless. My salute to the law enforcement guys and journalists who are on the scene. My heart goes out to the parents of children all over the world who may have to explain all this to them.

Just disgusting. Sickening to also see how low respected journalists will go, publishing faux Facebook profiles, interviewing helpless children who don’t even understand the idea of death, and the fact that people for and against gun control are getting hammered tonight. Tonight’s a night to memorialize twenty young souls and seven adults (fuck the shooter).

well i think raekwon said it best: real niggas lick shots, peace connecticut

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