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The Shining Vs. Psycho

Michael Stephen​son

over 3 years ago

Which is Better Hitchcock’s Psycho or Kubrick’s The Shining. I would personally choose Psycho. Its completely different to most films and builds tension amazingly. But what do you think?

Drunken Father Figure of Old

over 3 years ago

The Shining +1
Psycho 0


over 3 years ago

The Shining, absolutely.

It’s the supernatural versus the pop-psychey. The Shining has the same impact even though you already know the famous scenes, whereas a modern viewing of Psycho is mostly spent waiting for them. The script and the cinematography are also big wins for Shining.


over 3 years ago

Psycho is really really really great. But The Shining? Really really really really.


over 3 years ago

Not sure why this specific comparison – but The Shining, hands down.

Brad S.

over 3 years ago

The Shining is in my top 25 of all time. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word and its difficult to find a film I love more.

But you did. Psycho is in my top 10. Aside from a brief bit of unecessary exposition at the end, it is flawless. The way suspense builds in every scene remains unprecidented.

They are the two greatest horror films of all time.

Z. Bart

over 3 years ago

The Shining.

I may be alone among Hitchcock fans, but Psycho wouldn’t even crack my top ten of the director’s films.


over 3 years ago

lol, same for me but the opposite, my favorite director of all time i’ts kubrick but the shining it’s one of the few i don’t like from him.

The shining may win in visuals but in all the other aspects for me it’s Psycho by far.

Jaspar Lamar Crabb

over 3 years ago

Love ‘em both…can’t decide


over 3 years ago

Psycho is probably one of my least favorite Hitchcocks.

Something about the multiple personality thing just strikes me dully. Also, other than the canonical shower scene, I feel all the murder/murder attempt scenes were tacky.

For me, Hitchcock films:

Rear Window
Strangers On A Train
North By Northwest
The 39 Steps

On a side note, I checked TSPDT to see if I was forgetting anything, and it updated today. Not a lot of movement near the top, but among the new entries: Marketa Lazarova, The Age Of The Earth, Werckmeister Harmonies.


over 3 years ago

Apples and oranges, really.

Ben Simingt​on

over 3 years ago

Tie: both rule

(edit: …in REALLY different ways)


over 3 years ago

i don’t really find them comparable, but my vote goes with Psycho personally.

Ryan H.

over 3 years ago

Hm. I’m tempted to say PSYCHO wins this one, just because it’s the more assured, coherent film.

THE SHINING is a bit of a mess. It works somewhat despite itself, thanks to its overwhelmingly malevolent atmosphere, but it doesn’t really add up.

Tarsila Alves

over 3 years ago

Both psycho as the shining are good movies. Difficult to select…excellent classic there

Jonathan Doser

over 3 years ago

Shinning is the better film. Psycho is great but the last five minutes are horrendous.

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