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Top List of Films People Pretend to Have Seen


about 4 years ago

1. The Godfather (30 per cent)
2. Casablanca (13 per cent)
3. Taxi Driver (11 per cent)
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (9 per cent)
5. Reservoir Dogs (8 per cent)
6. This Is Spinal Tap (7 per cent)
7. Apocalypse Now (6 per cent)
8. Goodfellas (5 per cent)
=8. Blade Runner (5 per cent)
10. The Great Escape (4 per cent)

Poll by LoveFilm UK


about 4 years ago

I’ve seen seven. Or have I?

Seth Farmer

about 4 years ago



about 4 years ago

I’ve actually never seen Casablanca. All the rest though yes.


about 4 years ago

I’ve seen 9 of these films at least half a dozen times each. I don’t know where I have ever found the time with all the new films I watch. The Great Escape wasn’t very good so i’ve never returned to it.


about 4 years ago

I’m surprised Citizen Kane isn’t on this list. But I suppose it’s not as popular among mainstream viewers as those ones.

I can see pretending you’ve seen Godfather or Casablanca, but Reservoir Dogs? It’s not a hard movie to sit through if you’re into Tarantino’s style, and it’s not something anyone would be embarrassed not to have seen.


about 4 years ago

Why would anyone lie about having seen a movie? Seems kind of adolescent to be so insecure about oneself.

Caden Cotard

about 4 years ago

How is Bicycle Thieves not on here?

ruby stevens

about 4 years ago

i might pretend to see berlin alexanderplatz…J/K! yes this seems very silly

christo​pher sepesy

about 4 years ago

Amazingly, I’ve seen every one. Some too many times to count.

Now, there are films I wish I could pretend to have seen, simply to have not had to have sat through them in the first place.

Matt Parks

about 4 years ago

If you’re going to pretend to have seen something, surely you should go more ambitious than this list: London After Midnight, John Ford’s The Secret Man, the complete Greed, Welles’ version of Ambersons. etc.?


about 4 years ago

I haven’t seen The Great Escape but I’m pretty sure I DID the great escape on #2 by shutting it off half way thru.

So I guess Reality indicates that I’ve seen eight of those ten.

Why someone would lie about seeing a movie is beyond me. I think I am a true blue film buff (aspire to be a film aficionado) because if someone tells me about a film I haven’t seen, and they think it is one I might like, it inspires me to want to see the film, not lie about it and say that I already did.

Jerry G

about 4 years ago

I think most B/W films or silent films.

Like for example “City Lights”. To me these people are losing out BIG. :)

Jerry G

about 4 years ago

And yeah, the username above ^


Rich Uncle Skeleton

almost 4 years ago

i wish i could pretend not to have seen this.