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very disturbing/surreal/frightening scene(s) you've seens


over 6 years ago

Surreal/Disturbing: when Lee, Joan, and the typewriter have an orgy and the typewriter commits suicide.
(genuinely) Frightening: When Mephistopheles transforms Faust.
Disturbing: When Nicholson necks with an old, undead corpse.


over 6 years ago

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Particularly the animation depicting World War II. I can recall seeing that on VH1 when I was very young. I had no idea what it was until years later. It was incredibly unsettling at the time.


over 6 years ago

Most of the scenes in Come And See. Disturbing. surreal, frightening.


over 6 years ago

Lost Highway:The scene where Bill Pullman’s character watches a video where it shows him delirious and surrounded by the disemboweled remains of his wife. Truly unsettling

Nessa L.

over 6 years ago

La Pianiste: When Isabelle Huppert is in the bathroom and uses a razor for self-mutilation of her private part. The scene when Isabelle gets on top of her mother and starts kissing and hugging her as if her mother was her lover. When Isabelle is in the sex shop. The whole movie overall is pretty disturbing.

major tom

over 6 years ago

Just plain disturbing/surreal:

Oldboy : Eating the live squid
Eraserhead : The lady in the radiator gave me the creeps.
The Mirror : The Mother washes her hair.
El Topo : The gunmen dance.
Tetsuo : All of it.

From disturbing to fascination : The Act of Seeing With Your Own Eyes.

So disturbing that I wouldn´t inflict this movie on my worse enemy: Wu Gong Zhou (Centipede Horror). I mean it.

Kim Packard

over 6 years ago

Most of Tetsuo was disturbing. Watched it once with classmates from a Japanese class. I don’t think I will be watching it again.
I can say the same for Ju-On, a Japanese horror film. (I avoid horror films in general.)
Battle Roayle was a bit too violent for me, too.

Col. Dax

over 6 years ago

Surreal/Disturbing: The scene in Eraserhead where the baby becomes sick, just the intial shot of him/her/it sick is really disturbing.
Eye slice scene in Un Chien Andalou (I cannot believe I’m the first to mention this, maybe we take it for granted, but that is really disturbing).

Disturbing: The reveal in Oldboy, I don’t care about any flaw the film has, that is one of the single most disturbing things I’ve ever seen/heard.
Vomit eating scene in Audition.

Frightening: I remember being genuinely afraid of the Wolf in The Neverending Story, and Yoda in Episode V when I was much younger, but I’m not really frightened by much in film anymore (maybe I’m not watching the right films).


over 6 years ago

I second the comment by Soybean about Come and See

Ryan Estabro​oks

over 6 years ago

Most of the Stan Brakhage DVD, namely “The Act of Seeing with your own Eyes”

Chris B

over 6 years ago

the ending of twentynine palms

Mark Penny

over 6 years ago

Off the top of my head here: I had a friend over to see this and to see him cringe with disgust was rather gratifying seeing as he is a psychotherapist.
The movie is part of the ASIAN 3 Extremes DVD (the 2 disc set has a feature length version as well as the shorter version in the anthology)
Gaau ji (DUMPLINGS) Seriously off limits to any future mother.
Watch at your peril.

Damola Animasa​un

over 6 years ago

many scenes in bergman’s cries and whispers

Orphan Seasun

over 6 years ago

Just about everything Miike has done; I mean that scene where the big-nippled lady floods the house with her breast milk is trumped only by her husband’s willy getting caught in the corpse. The fact that the latter scene makes me laugh, creeps me out even more.

And that silent scene in Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf where the vampire boy is thrown into the ocean and his face sinks into the inky depths is nice – although it’s not my favourite by him. There are plenty of surreal scenes in Bergman.

Then there’s the true surrealist Bunuel, but his stuff somehow comforts me.

Blake’s bleach-white face in Lost Highway. The corpse in Mulholland Dr.. There is so much that is disturbing about Lynch’s best work – the general ambiance is unsettling.

The mummies at the beginning of Herzog’s Nosferatu. And of course Kinski. Just Kinski. The way in which he drinks from Adjani’s neck is so friggin’ stomach-churning.

The flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz scared the crap out of me as a kid and they still creep me out to this day. The techicolor in that film is also unsettling somehow.

Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity and in real life. I always felt wary about this guy. In the tv show, My Three Sons, I was expecting him to slap Chip in the face at any moment. He is one unbalanced broheme.

I just realized this topic is inexhaustible so I may as well leave it there or risk writing too much.


over 6 years ago

The Shotgun scene in MANIAC…OMG !


over 6 years ago

Rape scene in “Man Bites Dog”

Raging Bull

over 6 years ago

disgusting: Eye slice scene – Un Chien Andalou, shaving/slitting throat in Scorsese’s short “The Big Shave”
scary: The unknown hands behind the girls head about to grab the little girl – Spirit of the Beehive
disturbing: any scene from Salo: or the 120 Days of Sodom.


over 6 years ago

WANTED; when character was using real dead bodies for target practice. That really freaked me out. I thought it was uncalled for and was disturbing to me.

tom c

over 6 years ago

@ orphan seasun: dead right about the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
Also the whole section of the Tin Drum, from where Oscar and the family see the man fishing for eels with the horse’s head, through to his mother eating said eels later in the evening. Viscerally, visually and emotionally twisted and quite shocking !


over 6 years ago

@MAJOR TOM – “Wu Gong Zhou” (Centipede Horror). I remember seeing that back in the old country with the lads from school, double bill with The Blues Brothers. Good times!

Them neighbors from "Rosemary’s Baby’’ were pretty disturbing.
The scene from “Marathon Man” where an assassin attacked Roy Schreider with a piano wire, and dodge it with his hands. Ouch, painful!
The freeway murder in “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” – it can happen to anybody.
“The Thin Red Line”- great film, but even for a combat vet I was really uncomfortable- sweating in a freezing theatre. The eerie silence up the hill, and the total uncertainty through the whole thing made it feel quite real. Though I own the video, I haven’t watched it again.
Surreal? Mine is the clip of David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing Little Drummer Boy in a christmas special.
Freightening and offensive? Pretty Woman!


over 6 years ago

@ Tom C- good call on the Tin Drum

The rape scene in Irreversible, as well as The Rectum scene


over 6 years ago

David Cronenberg – Scanners: Man, I was a teenaged movie freak sitting in the theater in 1981 (probably opening night!), totally killed by the exploding head at the start. The only other Cronenberg shock to match that is, I think, the Geena-Davis-gives-birth-to-a-giant-maggot dream sequence in The Fly

Dusan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie: “I am Anna Planeta”…The very definition of “mindfuck.”

Gaspar Noe, passim. (He always did give you ample warning, though!)

Marissa C

over 6 years ago

The end of Mulholland Drive (also the discovery of the corpse, the man behind Winkie’s, the atmosphere in most of Lynch’s films is just scarier on a deeper level than anything I can describe….), so I have to add the Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead, she gave me nightmares for weeks after, everything about her, not just the engorged cheeks but the way she slid across the stage when she sang was truly horrifying to me. The baby didn’t bother me at all! I was always deeply frightened by the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Many of the scenes from Cannibal Holocaust. The disappearance scene from Picnic at Hanging Rock made my blood run cold, and the very end of Videodrome always leaves me unsettled as well.

andrew kay

over 6 years ago

The dream sequence in “An American Werewolf in London” involving the home invasion is pretty disturbing.


over 6 years ago

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me

1) Laura comes home to find Bob in her room, going through her diary, maybe eating some of its pages.

2) Also when the painting in her room starts moving, and the Bosch-style mother and son from the painting approach her outside.

Session 9

1) Walking through the corridors in almost total darkness and discovering a lost guy listening to music.

2) The big reveal in the “last patient’s” room.

Silence of the Lambs

Buffalo Bill hunting Clarice, wearing night-vision goggles.

The Descent

1) The first cave-in.

2) When someone gets it in the neck.

The Orphanage

The penultimate scene, i.e. the reveal.

I find these more disturbing than David Lynch, Audition, Un chien andalou, and Oldboy (with the exception of TPFWWM), because they are more plausible, less absurd.The parts that frighten me are the parts that could actually happen to relatively ordinary people.

Orphan Seasun

over 6 years ago

Vellaem, I don’t think they are “absurd” nor are they implausible. They are not meant to be measured against realism. They are oneiric. We all dream, sometimes badly.

The Descent was a boring movie that did not scare me in the least. It was a halfway decent action film I suppose. A few of Lynch’s films have never quit haunting me.

And wtf does the acronym stand for?


over 6 years ago

If you’ve seen 2005’s Hostage with Bruce Willis I think you will agree that movie has many horrifying scenes. The one I found most disturbing was the scene where one of the hostage takers kills the two brothers he has taken the hostages with. There is no build up or real reasoning behind this action and the thing I found most disturbing was the way it was presented by Florent Emilio Siri in such a nonchalant manor. It was a real mind fuck for me, to think the mainstream wasn’t even offended by that at all. I mean back in the day movies like Peeping Tom almost ended careers now people don’t even bat a lash at this demented unexplained violence. I mean I love Audition and Strange Circus two films I will admit are pretty fucked up but those directors respect their subject matter and use the extreme images for a purpose. Hostage seemed to be saying this was a logical bit of character development that didn’t need to be explained. I was also disturbed by this scene because when the deranged man threw the younger brother over a railing to brake his spine and killed him two twelve year olds sitting next to me in the theatre cheered.


over 6 years ago

@VELLAEM – I second “SESSION 9”, one creepy motherfucker of a flick. I just found out it was a real sanitarium. Eerie!


over 6 years ago

I wasn’t putting down those oneiric films (Oldboy, Audition, etc). They are great, but I don’t find them frightening. Granted, the cave-dwellers from “The Descent” aren’t realistic or more plausible than a hammer-wielding Korean; however, the claustrophobia of spelunking that the film invoked was. Moreover, this thread wasn’t measuring overall quality, which I think is at issue for you. I realize my list was more mainstream, and I suppose I am expected to laud how post-modernly self-referential “Funny Games” was, and how nothing will ever top “Nosferatu (1922)” and “Vampyre” for genuine scares, but I would be lying and onanistic (Vocabulary challenge! :-) ). I wasn’t rating these films. I was detailing a subjective list of what scared the bejesus out of me, even briefly.

Also, “The Descent” is Neal Marshall’s greatest. Relatively. Forgo the rest of his filmography; it put me to sleep. But the guy is improving, day by day, increasing his budgets each time. I admire to ability to go far beyond the constraints of no budget and bad scripts in order to deliver schlock that has its frightening moments, and with better production values than expected.

TPFWWM: Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. Why did you make me cut and paste it again? :-) The title must have been at least part of the reason that it got booed at Cannes.


Yup. Frightening stuff. I wish they made and paced them like that all the time.

Jake Howell

over 6 years ago

The tunnel scene from Possession. Miscarriage? Maybe, but fucking terrifying no matter what it was.