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Where is "Whistle Down The Wind"?


over 6 years ago

Bryan Forbes’ “Whistle Down The Wind,” (1961) with Hayley Mills and Alan Bates is an astonishing classic. Those who have seen it know what I’m talking about, and those who haven’t are in for something special, if only we can Criterion to make a move on this. The film was a staple of the Janus Collection when released on VHS, but never came to DVD except in Region 2 in the UK. This is a crime for us Region 1 people. A grass roots campaign, right here will work. Criterion could do a dynamite job with this flick, and it all depends on us. Just look at how long it took to get “Ace In The Hole.” But we got it!!!

Let’s hear from y’all!

Thank You, and Glad to Meet Everyone

Rodney Welch

over 6 years ago

A terrific film; our local library has it on tape.

I’ll get behind this one if you get behind another Hayley Mills classic, her first: Tiger Bay. Can’t find it for love or money.

Take a glance at this clip:

Talk about a knockout double-feature!

Gene O'Brien

over 6 years ago

I have the Region 2 DVD. It’s one of the reasons that I bought a DVD player that can play region 2 DVDs. This is indeed a wonderful film. I would love to see this film get the Criterion treatment!


over 6 years ago

Thank you for your replies. First, “Tiger Bay” was released in Region 1 by Image Entertainment and, unfortunately, is out of print and selling for big bucks on Amazon

You might be able to find this edition on eBay. I own it and it is a remarkable film and performance by Hayley, who was only 13—this film brought her to Disney.

Hayley spends her time in both New York and Britain and is still very active (and still very pretty). I was able to contact her several years ago, just before she was doing the commentaries for the Region 2 “Tiger Bay” and “Whistle.” At the time, she told me that she had no idea why these editions were not coming to the U.S.

Criterion and Janus are basically the same at this point. Through the Criterion site, I have e-mailed Jon Mulvaney and even called the New York office. I just keep getting replies that Criterion has no plans for “Whistle” at this time. There may be a copyright problem or just no interest. If it’s the latter, then more e-mails to Jon Mulvaney will definitely help, and I encourage you to spread the word about “Whistle” (and “Tiger Bay”) and let’s see what we can do.

Many, many thanks and thank you for the youtube!!!!

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