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Who's ur favorite beatle and why?


over 4 years ago

George because I can’t stand John and Paul.


over 4 years ago

This was certainly the stuff of frenzied interest in the sixties, every teen had a favourite Beatle. I have always liked John best for the reasons Denniszen has outlined….

As an aside, my friend was out walking in St John’s Wood in the pre dawn a few months back and sent me a text “Jesus, Paul is standing three feet from me” and I knew exactly who he meant.

Mike Clayton

over 4 years ago

This is my favorite Beatle:

‘Cuz they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Btw – Anyone who says Yoko Ono as their favorite Beatle in this thread is a nut job!

deckard croix

over 4 years ago

Lennon was a cynic. So am I. C’est la vie.

Nathan M.

over 4 years ago

For music: Paul

For personality: Ringo


over 4 years ago

I think all their music post-Beatles was generally totally awful (yes including Lennon) if I had to choose I’d say Harrison, his music is slightly better and he just generally seems the coolest least ego-maniacal ass hole. For such an obscenely awesome band, one of those bands that after you haven’t listened to them in a while you assume them probably somewhat overrated and when you listen to them again BAM! They blows you away. Fucking love them (from Rubber Soul onwards anyway) I find it strange how rubbish I feel they were when they split up.


over 4 years ago

I am going off-topic. Can’t resist this discussion on the Beatles

My 10 Favorite Beatles songs

1. Something (Harrison)
2. Blackbird (McCartney)
3. Norwegian Wood (Lennon)
4. A Day In The Life (Lennon-McCartney)
5. Mother Nature’s Son (McCartney)
6. For No One (McCartney)
7. Revolution (Lennon)
8. All You Need Is Love (Lennon)
9. Helter Skelter (McCartney)
10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison)


over 4 years ago

Lennon – Awesome songs, lyrics, instantly recognizable voice, odd time signatures, sense of humor

Kristia​n Ramsden

over 4 years ago

Stu Sutcliffe always looked the coolest.

Matt Parks

over 4 years ago

-George was a nice guy, but had just a little more talent than Ringo.-

Nonsense. Purely in terms of the ability to play his instrument, Harrison was far and away the most talented Beatle.


over 4 years ago

Matt Parks is absolutely correct.

Pierlui​gi Puccini

over 4 years ago

No disrespect for Harrison but for me he wasn’t the most talented beatle. I don’t know why people always stand up for him above the rest

Qiydaar Foster

over 4 years ago

When I was in my early 20’s, it was John (rebel!)
When I was in my mid-20’s it was Paul (artistic! commercial sensibility! Keep the band afloat!)
Now that I’m 30, it’s George (spiritual!) and Ringo (under-appreciated! His drum fills!)

But ultimately, the band was strong for all the parts together, not just one element.


over 4 years ago

Musically John. Personally George.

I find while Paul represented the pop sensibilities of the Beatles, John represented the emotional core. Paul always gravitated toward overly grandiose themes, kitschy gimmicks (Esp in solo career) and saccharine, bouncy melodies (O-bla-DI!).

Neither of their solo careers were great, but John’s solo albums had emotional energy, whereas Paul’s were cringingly cheesy, impersonal and empty.


over 4 years ago

George Harrison. Because he’s the cutest. :) And, I love his music, of course. John yes, but George first. Can’t help but be a LITTLE shallow here.


over 4 years ago

I suppose each has their own reason for being a favorite: John was probably the cutest, I thought George was the most talented (but I feel like John and Paul didn’t give him as much of a chance as he deserved), Paul was the most charming, and Ringo was just really cool.

All in all, though, George is still my favorite.


over 4 years ago


Maximil​ian XXI

over 3 years ago

George is my favorite by far – he was easily the best (and probably most naturally passionate) musician. What he did in All Things Must Pass is better than any solo stuff from the others. Also, he wrote almost all of my favorite Beatles stuff.

I do like Ringo, but the other two not so much.

Greg S.

over 3 years ago

George. Lennon/McCartney’s output for the band is too much for George to compete with as whole, however George’s best work in the band stands toe to toe with anything the other two made.

I wouldn’t say his solo career was the ‘best’ but again his best solo material is as strong as anything by John or Paul and I would estimate it felt intensely more personal. ‘All Things Must Pass’ isn’t the most consistent album (but then that’s expected given its length) but tracks like ‘My Sweet Lord’ and lesser known ones like ’Art of Dying" are hard to deny.

Howard Orr

over 3 years ago



Magic Alex. Look him up.


over 3 years ago


I liked the songs he contributed the most and he was a great guitarist.

I think Ringo’s very underrated in terms of his drumming and I love his self-awareness.

I always get hot and cold with John and Paul. Two very great but very complicated men.