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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Hoffmann'ın Sihirli Masalları

    Hoffmann'ın Sihirli Masalları

  2. The Browning Version
  3. The Forbidden Christ
    Special Prize of the City of Berlin

    The Forbidden Christ

  4. The Mating Season

    The Mating Season

  5. The Story of Time

    The Story of Time

  6. Leva på 'Hoppet'

  7. Affairs of Dr. Holl

    Affairs of Dr. Holl

  8. Four in a Jeep

    Four in a Jeep

  9. Cinderella
  10. Begone Dull Care

    Begone Dull Care

  11. The Path of Hope
    Silver Bear

    The Path of Hope

  12. Destination Moon

    Destination Moon

  13. A True-Life Adventure: In Beaver Valley

    A True-Life Adventure: In Beaver Valley

  14. God Needs Men
  15. Justice Is Done

    Justice Is Done

  16. Kleine Nachtgespenster

  17. The Undefeated

    The Undefeated

  18. ...Sans laisser d'adresse

    ...Sans laisser d'adresse

  19. Rebecca