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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Paris, Teksas

    Paris, Teksas

  2. Cennetten de Garip

    Cennetten de Garip

  3. Aşk Irmakları

    Aşk Irmakları

  4. Broadway Danny Rose

    Broadway Danny Rose

  5. Sınıf İlişkileri

    Sınıf İlişkileri

  6. Bianca


  7. Diary for My Children

    Diary for My Children

  8. Under the Volcano

    Under the Volcano

  9. Almanac of Fall
    Ernest Artaria Award

    Almanac of Fall

  10. The Holy Innocents

    The Holy Innocents

  11. The Ruins

    The Ruins

  12. Memories of Prison

    Memories of Prison

  13. Tosca's Kiss

    Tosca's Kiss

  14. L'air du crime

    L'air du crime

  15. Notti e nebbie

    Notti e nebbie

  16. Something About Amelia
    Silver Leopard's Eye

    Something About Amelia

  17. Venido a menos

  18. Robert Frank: The Image of Poetry

    Robert Frank: The Image of Poetry

  19. Martha Dubronski

  20. Lieber Vater

  21. The Sleeping Soldier

  22. Le rapt

    Le rapt

  23. Haus im Süden

  24. Dorado (One Way)

    Dorado (One Way)

  25. Man Without Memory

    Man Without Memory

  26. Silver Leopard

    Le roi de la Chine

  27. L'etat de crise

  28. Campo Europa
    Özel Mansiyon

    Campo Europa

  29. Waltzes of the Danube
    Bronze Leopard

    Waltzes of the Danube

  30. Happier Than Ever
    Bronze Leopard

    Happier Than Ever

  31. Er Moretto - Von Liebe leben

    Er Moretto - Von Liebe leben

  32. Siyam Balığı

    Siyam Balığı

  33. Ismi: Carmen

    Ismi: Carmen

  34. Death and Transfiguration

    Death and Transfiguration

  35. The Terence Davies Trilogy
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    The Terence Davies Trilogy

  36. Up to a Certain Point

    Up to a Certain Point

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