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Magritte Awards

  1. She Is Not Crying, She Is Singing
    Most Promising Actress

    She Is Not Crying, She Is Singing

  2. Bisikletli Çocuk

    Bisikletli Çocuk

  3. Bullhead
  4. The Giants
  5. The Fairy
  6. Come as You Are

    Come as You Are

  7. Summer of Giacomo

    Summer of Giacomo

  8. Sundays
    Best Short Film


  9. The Long Falling

    The Long Falling

  10. In Their Hands

    In Their Hands

  11. İçimdeki Yangın
    Best Actress

    İçimdeki Yangın

  12. Kadın İsterse

    Kadın İsterse

  13. A Screaming Man

    A Screaming Man

  14. Romantics Anonymous
  15. Tehlikeli yol

    Tehlikeli yol

  16. Kill Me Please

    Kill Me Please

  17. A Distant Neighborhood

    A Distant Neighborhood

  18. 22nd of May

    22nd of May

  19. Pulsar


  20. Beyond the Steppes

    Beyond the Steppes

  21. Smoorverliefd


  22. Trader Games

    Trader Games

  23. The Pack

    The Pack