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Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival

  1. Kutsal Motorlar
  2. Düsler Diyari

    Düsler Diyari

  3. Cosmopolis


  4. Wolf Children
    Best Animated Feature Film (Anima't Award)

    Wolf Children

  5. Seven Psychopaths

    Seven Psychopaths

  6. Berberian Sound Studio
    Özel Mansiyon: José Luis Guarner Critic's Award

    Berberian Sound Studio

  7. Sightseers
  8. Room 237

    Room 237

  9. Yanlis


  10. Antiviral
  11. Savas Cadisi
    Best Motion Picture (New Visions Award)

    Savas Cadisi

  12. The Wall

    The Wall

  13. Night Across the Street

    Night Across the Street

  14. V/H/S


  15. John Dies at the End

    John Dies at the End

  16. The Wild Ones

    The Wild Ones

  17. Compliance


  18. Robot and Frank
    Best Motion Picture (Audience Award)

    Robot and Frank

  19. Outrage Beyond

    Outrage Beyond

  20. Rurouni Kenshin

    Rurouni Kenshin

  21. For Love's Sake

    For Love's Sake

  22. Camille Rewinds

    Camille Rewinds

  23. Motorway


  24. A Fantastic Fear of Everything

    A Fantastic Fear of Everything

  25. The Tall Man

    The Tall Man

  26. Nameless Gangster

    Nameless Gangster

  27. Doomsday Book

    Doomsday Book

  28. Chained
  29. No One Lives

    No One Lives

  30. Aftershock


  31. Crazy & Thief
    Petit Format (New Visions Award)

    Crazy & Thief

  32. The Apostle

    The Apostle

  33. Blood-C: The Last Dark

    Blood-C: The Last Dark

  34. Thanatomorphose


  35. The Viral Factor
    Best Special Effects (Maria)

    The Viral Factor

  36. Stitches
    Midnight X-Treme (Carnet Jove Jury Award)


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