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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Such a Long Journey
    Most Popular Canadian Film

    Such a Long Journey

  2. Striking Back

    Striking Back

  3. Sölen


  4. After Life

    After Life

  5. The Hole

    The Hole

  6. Merkez istasyonu
    İkincilik: Most Popular Film

    Merkez istasyonu

  7. Pickpocket
  8. New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel

  9. Son Gece
    Women in Film Award

    Son Gece

  10. Barut fiçisi

    Barut fiçisi

  11. Love Is the Devil

    Love Is the Devil

  12. Life on Earth

    Life on Earth

  13. Christmas In August
  14. Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

    Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

  15. Hold You Tight

    Hold You Tight

  16. The Brandon Teena Story
    Best Documentary Feature

    The Brandon Teena Story

  17. Dance Me to My Song

    Dance Me to My Song

  18. Watching the Detective

    Watching the Detective

  19. Streetheart
    Best Canadian Screenplay


  20. The Herd

    The Herd

  21. Best New Western Canadian Director - Short or Mid-Length Film

    Keys to Kingdoms

  22. Riviera Hotel

    Riviera Hotel

  23. Rub Love

    Rub Love

  24. Jam
  25. Nô

  26. Life Is Beautiful
    Most Popular Film

    Life Is Beautiful

  27. The Underground Orchestra
    Chief Dan George Humanitarian Award

    The Underground Orchestra

  28. The Year After Dayton

    The Year After Dayton

  29. Maiden Work

    Maiden Work

  30. Who is Running

    Who is Running

  31. Western