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3 Bad Men

Yönetmen John Ford
ABD, 1926
Sessiz, Kovboy


Three outlaws come to the aid of a young girl after her father is killed.

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3 Bad Men Yönetmen John Ford

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The film’s action sequences reveal Ford’s innate command of multi-planar compositions, with contrasting movement in the foreground and background of his frames, but the moments that most clearly point to the filmmaker’s future mastery lie in small character interactions.
August 29, 2016
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The first two thirds is characteristically anecdotal for Ford before transforming into something else entirely, beginning with a truly awesome land rush stampede of horses, carts, and wagons hysterically grasping at newly available land where gold has been found… The finale has more in common with the stark asceticism of Anthony Mann’s western violence and Ford’s own later 3 Godfathers: men’s weary, shearing journey in wilderness to redemption and honor.
November 04, 2014
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The westward rush, “Old World blood and colonial strains,” a further foundation of John Ford’s cinema… The land rush is filmed with the camera amid charging hooves and more than a touch of Remington, the bandits’ resigned serenity in their final stand is absorbed by Peckinpah. “One last riddle, positively the last.” The coda equates desperadoes and toddlers as Eden’s precarious hope, just the conclusion for this Biblical sagebrush.
January 01, 2010
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