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5 Puanlama

5 Star Day

Yönetmen Danny Buday
ABD, 2010
Drama, Romantik


When his horoscope forecasts a five-star day full of perfection and possibility, Jake Gibson is more than a little miffed when he finds himself on the wrong end of everything, from getting fired to being cheated on by his girlfriend.

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5 Star Day Yönetmen Danny Buday

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  • spiderliliez's rating of the film 5 Star Day

    Guy tries to disprove astrology by checking into other people's lives on their birthdays, which apparently is the same as his. Quite the silly subject, but it does get a little interesting as you go along with it. Though I have to admit, the script is quite sketchy, the acting was okay, some shot selections seem irrelevant or out of place. Regardless, it's another one of those movies to pass the time with.

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