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A Child is Waiting

Yönetmen John Cassavetes
ABD, 1963


Jean Hansen comes to a school for disabled children to work there as a teacher. She becomes especially interested in young Reuben, an autistic boy whose parents have not visited him for several years. But the school principal, Dr. Clark does not appreciate her keen interest.

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A Child is Waiting Yönetmen John Cassavetes

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This is the most explicit example in Cassavetes’ filmography of polished, Hollywood sheen. The film has a pictorial smoothness complemented by a wistful score, and while it effectively pulls on the melodramatic heart strings, its tone is generally muted. It may also be Cassavetes’ most sentimental work.
July 10, 2016
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Eliot’s “raid on the inarticulate,” the entrance into adulthood as the exchange of one type of chaos for another… “The Marivaux of an accessory slackness” (Rivette) and his kinship with McCarey (The Bells of St. Mary’s), the Cassavetes farewell to the mainstream, “the whole of the human being” and nothing less. Rossellini in Europa ’51 has the dilemma, The Miracle Worker and David and Lisaare concurrent, Titicut Follies evinces more than a few echoes.
January 01, 2010
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