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A Tale of Two Sisters

Janghwa, Hongryeon | 장화, 홍련

Yönetmen Kim Jee-woon
Güney Kore, 2003
Drama, Korku, Gizem


Eerie horror flick about a pair of sisters who return to their family home after spending time in a mental institution, forcing them to deal with past traumas, a neglectful father, a cruel stepmother, and an interfering ghost.

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A Tale of Two Sisters Yönetmen Kim Jee-woon

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The problem in this case is that we aren’t meant to understand the story fully until the film’s closing minutes, so the shocks and suggestions come in a muddled context. In any Lewtonian movie worth its salt some sense of everyday reality is needed before the creepy possibilities can arise. But here that order is reversed, and by the time we have something resembling a real world to conjure with, the picture’s all but over.
December 10, 2016
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