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After Hours

Yönetmen Martin Scorsese
ABD, 1985
Komedi, Gerilim


When an uptight but brilliant word processor’s last $20 bill flies out the cab window, he becomes stuck in a nightmarish Soho after hours. He meets a motley crew of vagabonds that color his journey home uptown.

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After Hours Yönetmen Martin Scorsese
It conveys, like nothing else in the director’s body of work, the sheer joy that Martin Scorsese derives from making movies. It’s funny, playful, and invigorating, with a style that positively whooshes you through the action. Working with cinematographer Michael Ballhaus (best known at the time for his run of films with Fassbinder), Scorsese executes breathtaking camera movements indoors and outdoors alike, creating a sense of furious activity that betrays the film’s limited playing space.
October 06, 2017
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Scorsese stretches and warps time in this urban wonderland, juxtaposing frenetic camera movements against the backdrop of SoHo’s eclectic nightlife. Overlooked upon its initial release, After Hours deserves its place among Taxi Driver and Raging Bull as one of the filmmaker’s finest depictions of New York City.
November 02, 2016
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It’s a film of exquisite logic. Chaotic but running like clockwork, After Hoursis an entirely functional work that nevertheless feels like it’s having a constant nervous breakdown. The greatest terror that the film proposes is that this randomly nasty world in which we live might make perfect sense.
October 02, 2014
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