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Yönetmen Chris Marker
Fransa, Japonya, 1985
Belgesel, Biyografi, Tarih


Chris Marker’ın belgeseli Fransız sinemacının Akira Kurosawa’yla Run filminin prodüksiyonu sırasındaki birkaç gününü kaydediyor. Sonuç ise Marker’ın gözüyle Kurosawa’ya övgü niteliği taşıyan bir sanat eserinin yapımını kaydeden bir sanat eseri.

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A.K. Yönetmen Chris Marker

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For all its resetting and re-rehearsing, A.K. is as termitic a behind-the-scenes documentary as exists, playing up the absurd longueurs of filmmaking while refusing any easy synecdochal auteurism—preserving the aura of cool mystery that accompanies Kurosawa within the production’s camp.
February 17, 2016
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…If we believed in time-warps — and Chris Marker does — these moments might make us mistake what we’re seeing for actual 16mm footage shot in 1560, so complex are the countenances beneath authentic headgear. The souls of the soldiers are not Kurosawa’s concern, however; he’s making a different film.
March 28, 2006
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Chris Marker, the avant-garde documentarist and Japanophile (Sans soleil, The Koumiko Mystery), was commissioned by producer Serge Silberman to follow the filming of Akira Kurosawa’s Ran; the results, though thoughtful and beautifully mounted, are somewhat disappointing. Kurosawa clearly had little time to spend on interviews during the shooting of this massive project, and while Marker attempts to make a virtue of the director’s remoteness, a gap remains at the center of the movie.
January 01, 1980
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