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American Beauty

Yönetmen Sam Mendes
ABD, 1999
Drama, Komedi


In this Academy Award-winning parable about the dysfunctional life of a seemingly perfect suburban family, complications arise when the father starts to develop feelings for his teenage daughter’s cheerleader best friend.

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American Beauty Yönetmen Sam Mendes

Ödüller & Festivaller

Academy Awards

2000 | 5 ödül: Best Picture

2000 | 3 dalda aday: Best Actress in a Leading Role

Toronto International Film Festival

1999 | 1 ödül: People's Choice Award

Eleştirmen yorumları

I know how attached I remain to American Beauty, bringing actorly and audiovisual verve even to dubious conceits as luscious and idiosyncratic at some moments as it is sepulchural or hackneyed at others. So why was I preparing for how, whether, and why students would either love it uncritically or hate me for assigning it?
September 04, 2018
American Beauty is a brilliant satirical diagnosis of what’s most screwed up about life in this country, especially when it comes to sexual frustration and kiddie porn. Or American Beauty is a hypocritical piece of kiddie porn, brilliantly exploiting an audience’s sexual frustration and turning it into coin. Take your pick. Paradoxical as it sounds, both of these statements may be true.
September 24, 1999
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