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  1. Sin título.'s rating of the film Armadillo

  2. lesminho's rating of the film Armadillo

  3. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Armadillo

    It's good to see a war documentary that's not from an American point of view of the Afghan war, where these Danish yound adults go in with wide eyed enthusiasm and come back changed into a hardened military adult. But it also show a sympathetic view on the Afghanistan people, just trying to get by and live their day to day lives in between a war zone and the consequences they have to suffer. Well shot and engaging.

  4. Joel Aguilar's rating of the film Armadillo

    unironic "It really makes you think"

  5. jorge's rating of the film Armadillo

    8/10 Me transporto a un lugar y un tiempo que no conocía, me hizo aprender de otra experiencias.

  6. fane2808's rating of the film Armadillo

    Sometimes you forget it's a documentary and expect twists and turns like in a feature film and then you remember and are glad that the twists and turns did not happen, because these are real people who don't get to go home after being blown to pieces, like actors would do thanks to the FX department. And it makes you think how useless and trying war is, especially for the everyday people living in war zones.

  7. Paul Cozighian's rating of the film Armadillo

    Un film absolument époustouflant! A ne pas rater!

  8. Vástagos del Sol's rating of the film Armadillo

    Una mirada interesante de la guerra. La incertidumbre, el valor, la soledad, el vacío... La muerte, qué hombre podría ser libre realmente si no se ha enfrentado a la muerte.

  9. Amapola's rating of the film Armadillo

    Es bueno ver un lado de la guerra que no sea a través de ojos gringos, como siempre.

  10. scooperly's rating of the film Armadillo

    A fascinatingly personal look into the battle in Afghanistan. I am impressed with how the filmmakers managed to be a silent eye to the events and didn't impose their own presence at all. Skillfully crafted, and eye opening.

  11. Rachel's rating of the film Armadillo

    Incredibly cinematic documentary about a Danish platoon in Afghanistan.

  12. laurax's rating of the film Armadillo

    It is incredible how the embedded crew made this movie. Editing is fantastic. I consider it an anti war movie showing the whole macho ideal of being with the boys and having some excitement. I don't think they cared who they were fighting as long as they got some action in. Life at home was so boring and war so heady that a number of them wanted to go back.

  13. Zac Weber's rating of the film Armadillo

    Intimate, nerve-wracking, and visually stunning. Armadillo is composed of beautiful cinematic moments, which can feel disconcerting in light of the chaotic situation at hand. The sense of pointlessness is palpable. There were a number of memorable scenes, such as the hazy raids illuminated by flashlights, and the soliders' motorcycle pirouettes. This is an important doc, and an angle of the war rarely seen in the US.

  14. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Armadillo

    I would much rather see the soldiers than the politicians who lie and risk nothing.

  15. vee-jay's rating of the film Armadillo

    Sehr gutes Drehbuch, sehr feinfühlig gemachter Film.

  16. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Armadillo

    It’s a disturbing and honest movie, well photographed, showing the whole madness of the war as well as the absurdity and hopelessness of the situation: Young men - simple minds - looking for action and feeling bored. Or soldiers paying peasants money for their loss of cattle and relatives. Well worth watching.

  17. Leandro souza's rating of the film Armadillo

  18. Toby's rating of the film Armadillo

    Trotz der sehr stilisierten Ästhetik der Bilder (Colorgrading, Vignette usw.) und ihrer dadurch fast schon coolen Werbeästhetik muss jeder merken wie sinnlos und schwachsinnig dieser Einsatz war - und wie immer fehlt die andere Seite komplett. Sehenswert!

  19. Kyle O'Boyle's rating of the film Armadillo

    Just incredible. A documentary shot like a film and at some points I forgot I was watching a documentary which is quite disconcerting considering this is really happening. Seeing the transformation of a soldier in war over the course of 6 months, from being uneasy of taking a life to seeing no other option, but to give them hell. I would say the crew did a rather good job of not being biased as well. Watch this film.

  20. Omnimog's rating of the film Armadillo

    A perfect documentary on so many levels. Incredibly well directed and edited, not biased or coloured in any way. And a director well placed in a position as an observer only, even though the drama goes sky high when the troops suddenly are beeing under attack. This is the real story of a group of young, danish men, their dreams, their illusions, and how these experiences mark them and their loved ones as they endure.

  21. philosilentio's rating of the film Armadillo

    Ein Film ohne jegliche Antwort doch mit unzähligen brennenden Fragen nach dem medialen, ethischen und philosophischen Verhältnis zwischen der filmisch vermittelten Realität und deren ästhetischen Genuss . Dieser Film fordert einen völlig neuen Umgang damit auf. Und zwar auf eine aufdringlichste Weise. Er ist ein kopernikanisches Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner simulierbaren Wirklichkeit.

  22. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Armadillo

    Excellent documentary about life on the front lines in Afghanistan

  23. FCC 86's rating of the film Armadillo

    Strong documented backstage moments with the ISAF troops tour, scenes extremely well edited for drama concept and without the exceeded war pride. Once and for all the reality and spirit of war in modern times are captured in this documentary. The Grand Prix Cannes prize was delivered with justice.

  24. Andrew James's rating of the film Armadillo

    A game-changer - and one of the best war films ever made. One of the greats.

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