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Yönetmen Zachary Epcar
ABD, 2019
Avangart, Kisa
  • Ingilizce
  • Ingilizce
New York Film Festivali'nden Projeksiyonlar


The reenactment of a scene from a primetime soap opens this domestic psychodrama, an anxious look into the horrors of interior decoration and the boundless entanglement of things.


We continue bringing you highlights from the NYFF’s Projections section with Zachary Epcar’s uncanny suburban mystery. A soap opera gets filtered through a nightmare, the eeriness of Amazon shipments, nighttime visions of animals, and the dreamy iconography of David Lynch. Wonderfully unsettling.

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  • David R Williams's rating of the film Billy

    More the extended director’s cut of the trailer for an early film by some obscure 60s experimental arthouse director who may or may not have ever made another film. A couple nods to giallo add a nice touch and I really liked the camera traveling down the layers of superimposed corridors that take us out.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Billy

    4.5 Like salvaged from a ruined and burned film archive in suburb, the kaleidscopic nightmare blooms sinisterly with spooky film grains in "Billy", unsettling-as-fuck piece of art. While the consequence of extreme close-ups is prolonged in a delusional way, dir. Epcar contructs the melodramatic world full of premonition to death. I eagely hope, using this decisive style, Epcar make a longer and more ominous film.

  • samantha rodriguez's rating of the film Billy

    This 'short film' was only 8 minutes long, and I was confused throughout most of it. I believe this could be a piece of a larger film, and if I were to watch for an extended period of time, hopefully, it would make sense. This piece uses short scenes with closed frames so it is hard to know the characters, understand the dialogue, and what is going on. The clip was short and incomplete therefore unsuccessful.

  • Auburn Cook's rating of the film Billy

    I would like it more if I was a film nerd or had an artistic mind. This made no sense to me besides that some parts were dreams (I think) and some parts were real life that related to dreams. If the point of this was to confuse people, then it succeeded. It reminds me of my mind when I am so tired that I become delusional and say the weirdest things which I guess would make sense since this has to do with dreams.

  • Andrew Maxwell's rating of the film Billy

    Effective appropriated audio and some interesting manipulated images. Most of the "uncanny" gestures did, as Mubi blurbsters suggest, feel quite derivative of Lynch. The acting seemed right from an MFA casting call – actors needed to be more unfamiliar and less camera-aware to pull this off.

  • mikecalabrese2003's rating of the film Billy

    Phenomenal cinematography great nightmare piece, can someone explain the actual point of the movie though... I assume it’s a nightmare on consumerism and everyday spooks with a soap opera touch

  • Bookhead's rating of the film Billy

    More a submission for a special season of Project Greenlight: The Expermentalists than an actual exposition. Is Billy dead? If not, why is he so thirsty? Is Allison with him for the long haul, or can she not resist venturing off into the dangerous night? So many questions. So little time. Literally. Billy begs for more. That's a compliment.

  • Slappy McGee's rating of the film Billy

    (1.5 stars) Experimental film that is an interesting collection of images that begs the question: why not just make a film rather than this avant-garde experiment. The filmmaker appears capable... just needs to find some good actors, and a good narrative and then put those camera skills to use. This is just having fun with the camera and editing equipment.

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