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Bloody Mama

Yönetmen Roger Corman
ABD, 1970
Drama, Suç, Gerilim


A psychological gangster film based on fact. Machine gun totin’ Ma Barker lead her family gang (her sons) on a crime spree in the Depression era.

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Bloody Mama Yönetmen Roger Corman
When you’re the Pope of Pop Cinema, you can turn any story into a campy spree of butchery—that’s just what the eternally relevant Corman does with the tale of Ma Barker and her devilish boys… In the end, the Barker’s fate was sealed by history, but only Corman could make being gunned down by the FBI so toxically endearing.
February 24, 2016
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Corman offers us a nihilist take on the family unit, with the Freudian trimmings that adorned his renowned Edgar Allan Poe cycle, but one can easily argue that the focus on the female rather than the patriarch unfairly skews the reality of gender politics in America, especially among this social class at this time. But his disrespect for the “official story” (of the Barkers, of America) is, however, laudable, here and elsewhere in his career.
February 25, 2015
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A quintessential American International production, “Bloody Mama” is as much comic horror film as gangster flick or youth-exploitation movie. Its aggressive tastelessness brings to mind contemporary independent shockers like the original “Night of the Living Dead” or John Waters’s "Multiple Maniacs.
November 13, 2014
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