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Born on the Fourth of July

Yönetmen Oliver Stone
ABD, 1989
Biyografi, Drama


The true story of Ron Kovic, a patriotic, All-American small town athlete who shocks his family by enlisting with the Marines to fight in the Vietnam War.

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Born on the Fourth of July Yönetmen Oliver Stone

Ödüller & Festivaller

Academy Awards

1990 | 2 ödül: Best Director

1990 | 6 dalda aday: Best Picture

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It fits squarely within the tradition of American-made Vietnam War films in its use of a coming-of-age structure to restore a sense of triumph and righteousness to a dishonorable period in our history; however, it is distinguished by the sustained fury of its attack. Stone drills this rebellious anger to the gut through a hyper-saturated, big-canvas expressionism that yields a battery of unforgettable images.
September 01, 2016
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