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Brownian Movement

Yönetmen Nanouk Leopold
Hollanda, Almanya, 2010


Charlotte and Max live in Brussels with their son. The couple hits a crisis when Max finds out that Charlotte has been having short but intense affairs with her patients. Charlotte goes into therapy and has to give up her job as a doctor, and the pair tries to start their lives over together.

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Brownian Movement Yönetmen Nanouk Leopold

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One of the great thrills of any Nanouk Leopold film is its imagery, and Brownian Movement, which was photographed widescreen on 35mm film, is no exception. Like characters in Leopold’s previous films, Charlotte and Max are surrounded by the textures of the bourgeois: fine wool coats; supple leather bags; elegant, crisp bed sheets. Sometimes described as “painterly,” the way that Leopold uses light, color, architecture, furniture, fabric and composition seems to me distinctly cinematic.
December 25, 2015
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