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Yönetmen Harold Ramis
ABD, 1980
Komedi, Spor


Comedy, in the vein of National Lampoon’s Animal House, centred on an exclusive country club, and the conflicts between the rich and pompous members and the free-living caddies and groundsmen.

Bu film şu anda MUBI'de oynamıyor ama şu anda oynayan 30 diğer harika film var. Lütfen Şimdi Gösteriliyor sayfamızı ziyaret et.
Caddyshack Yönetmen Harold Ramis

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There’s no reason this movie should work. The protagonist is the film’s least interesting character. The gags are scattershot. The performances (to put it mildly) vary wildly in tone. The cinematography is indifferent. And the badly mixed soundtrack does no favors to Kenny Loggins. Yet CADDYSHACK is some kind of comedy masterpiece, as well as one of the ’80s most quotable movies.
June 07, 2013
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