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Coming Home

Yönetmen Hal Ashby
ABD, 1978
Drama, Romantik, Savas


Hal Ashby’s 1978 melodrama examines the impact of the Vietnam War on the “war at home” among the men who fought it and the women in their lives.

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Coming Home Yönetmen Hal Ashby

Ödüller & Festivaller

Cannes Film Festival

1978 | 1 ödül: Best Actor

Academy Awards

1979 | 3 ödül: Best Actor in a Leading Role

1979 | 5 dalda aday: Best Picture

National Board of Review

1978 | 2 ödül: Best Actor

Directors Guild of America

1979 | 1 dalda aday: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures

Eleştirmen yorumları

This is the sort of movie we’d call Oscar bait today if not for the fact that it’s made with a genuine artistic touch from Ashby’s tactile direction and oftentimes weird or abstract choices in the context of “message” movies.
June 12, 2018
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I don’t mean to diminish Fonda’s acting in Coming Home, which is characteristically sensitive, nuanced, and alert. But the film, an absorbing marital melodrama, for which she won her second Best Actress Academy Award, may be too gentle.
June 01, 2018
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Unlike the brilliant atonal score composed by Hans Werner Henze for Alain Resnais’ Muriel, which simultaneously allowed the fragmented incidents and details of that film to remain separate while joining the spaces between them into a common lament… the top-of-the-pops score in Coming Home pretends to erase the gaps between the film’s multiple concerns, setting up an implied emotional continuity that the remainder of the film has been unable to contrive.
June 15, 1978
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