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Yönetmen Johan Renck
Birlesik Krallik, 2001
Müzik Video


Depicts a younger band miming to New Order’s music & words. At the end, a large number of people come on stage to pull them off-stage. The fictional band is named “The Killers”. This inspired The Killers, who lifted a number of elements for the set for their own video “Somebody Told Me”.

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Crystal Yönetmen Johan Renck

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  • chanandre's rating of the film Crystal

    ♫ We're like crystal (Hey)/ We break easy (Hoo)/ I'm a poor man (Hey)/ If you leave me (Hoo)/ I'm applauded (Hey)/ Then forgotten/ It was summer (Hey) Now it's autumn/(Hoo)/ I don't know what to say/ You don't care anyway/ I'm a man in a rage/ With a girl I betrayed/ Here comes love/ It's like honey/ You can't buy it with money/ You shook me to the core/ You shook me to the core/ We're like crystal (Hey)...▽

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