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Der müde Tod

Yönetmen Fritz Lang
Almanya, 1921
Fantezi, Gerilim, Sessiz


Death grants a woman three chances to save her lover, if love can triumph over death. The three stories within the story include: an adventure tale set in Persia, a Renaissance Venetian romance, and a largely comic story set in China.
(Also known as The Three Lights and Beyond the Wall.)

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Destiny Yönetmen Fritz Lang
For anyone familiar with German director Fritz Lang through his most iconic works, Metropolis (1927) or M (1931), his 1921 film Der müde Tod (Destiny) may come as a bit of a surprise. Though it’s as thematically rich as those works and certainly as technically innovative, the delight of Destiny is in how unexpectedly playful it is.
June 27, 2018
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It’s a spectacle like no other, and a film which gets to the heart of the idea that, as humans, we find new ways to fight against the spectre of death every single day.
June 07, 2017
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That Seven Chances was immediately followed in the same venue that afternoon by a screening of the Murnau Foundation’s beautiful recent restoration of Fritz Lang’s Destiny (1921) speaks to the can’t-go-wrong vibe of the festival’s slate: stand in the back for a packed-to-the-gills projection of a Keaton, grab a seat as the theater thins out between screenings, and gear up for a glorious, immersive presentation of Lang’s time-traveling psycho-goth epic.
July 26, 2016
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