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27 Numarali Casus


ABD, 1931
Drama, Savas, Romantik


Marlene Dietrich is a Viennese street prostitute when she’s recruited to become a spy and is given the code name X-27 by the head of the Austrian Secret Service. After telling her to use her feminine assets to trap her army officer victims, she’s got is to gather evidence against a colonel.

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27 Numarali Casus Yönetmen Josef von Sternberg

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A story of danger and death; it’s a war film in which the crucial battles are psychological ones that are fought in back rooms. Dietrich plays a spy, or, rather, a prostitute who becomes a spy—Agent X-27, to be specific; she boldly and slyly uses her powers of seduction to expose enemy spies and extract their secrets. It’s also a sort of musical, in which Dietrich deploys the music-hall artistry that’s essential to “The Blue Angel” and gives it a deliriously political angle.
May 30, 2017
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