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Dogs in Space

Yönetmen Richard Lowenstein
Avustralya, 1986
Kült, Drama


Time capsule to the punk scene in the late 1970s in Melbourne, where radical students fill their days with sex, drugs, parties and television in one house. Sam (Michael Hutchence), has a relationship with Anna, but their happiness takes a turn when hard drugs come on the scene.

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Dogs in Space Yönetmen Richard Lowenstein

Eleştirmen yorumları

It has ceaseless energy as people smash TVs, pile into cars, and of course, play music. House parties burst into bacchanals. If not destroying their home, this clique is throbbing and twitching in clubs. They live at night and sleep during the day. They laugh, they cry, they fuck, and they fight. Dogs in Space is the punk Renoir film you never knew existed, but welcome with open arms.
January 25, 2017
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