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Along the Coast

Du côté de la côte

Yönetmen Agnès Varda
Fransa, 1958
Belgesel, Kisa


Made for l’Office de tourisme français and dedicated to André Bazin, this short documentary tackles an oft-photographed subject—the beaches and buildings of the Riviera—delving into both nostalgic yearning and the carnivalesque grotesque beneath the bluest of skies.

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Along the Coast Yönetmen Agnès Varda

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A film that is structured by montages of discrete motifs – beaches, ruins, trees, markets, parasols, hotels – closes with images of gates locking us out. Where the traditional travelogue invites the prospective tourist to step through the screen from the urban everyday into festival fantasy, Du côté de la côte reminds us of the barrier between viewer, screen and the seductive paradise, and insists on the political reality elided by the tourist and celebrity industries.
July 11, 2014
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