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Kim Ölecek? Kim Dönecek?

Five Came Back

Yönetmen John Farrow
ABD, 1939
Drama, Macera


After their airplane crashes in the South American jungle, the passengers and crew must survive until the repairs can be made. All the while, they are threatened by the local native population.

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Kim Ölecek? Kim Dönecek? Yönetmen John Farrow

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Excellently directed by John Farrow and acted by an ensemble with no major stars (except Lucille Ball, then toiling as a contract player), the film was a surprise hit for RKO, both profitable and praised by critics. Centering on a plane crash in the jungle, it is often described as a template for later disaster movies, but the screenplay by Nathanael West, Jerome Cady, and Dalton Trumbo is distinguished by a focus on character development and relationships rather than action or spectacle.
August 20, 2014
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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Kim Ölecek? Kim Dönecek?

    The sole interesting point here is the screenplay. When there's no law anymore, people, after having listened to the older (parental authority), first turn to the pilot who's the authority representative. Then it's the law of the gun and finally they turn to a moral authority who's represented by a Latin anarchist. Gee! Hollywood was really something in those days. But already forgotten, I'm afraid.

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