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199 Puanlama

For Sama

Birlesik Krallik, ABD, 2019


For Sama shows Waad Al-Khateab’s life through five years of the uprising in Aleppo, Syria. She falls in love and gives birth to Sama whilst conflict starts to rise around her surrounding.

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For Sama Yönetmen Waad Al-Khateab, Edward Watts

Ödüller ve Festivaller

Cannes Film Festival

2019 | Special Screenings

Academy Awards

2020 | 1 dalda aday: Best Documentary (Feature)

Independent Spirit Awards

2020 | 1 dalda aday: Best Documentary

SXSW Film Festival

2019 | 1 ödül: Audience Award (Documentary Feature Competition)

Eleştirmen yorumları

al-Kateab’s reflexive filmmaking provides an uncannily relatable example of the mundane experience of war. Profound bravery exists alongside profound ordinariness.
July 25, 2019
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One of the film’s most joyful interludes comes amid the deprivation of the siege, with the miraculous appearance of a persimmon that a friend picks off a tree and brings home as a gift for his wife. As with many scenes in Honeyland, it feels like a privilege simply to witness this moment.
July 24, 2019
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The movie puts faces to a conflict that has been all too easily reduced to abstractions and talking points.
May 16, 2019
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