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Fresh Bait


Yönetmen Bertrand Tavernier
Fransa, 1995
Drama, Suç


Three adolescents, a girl who serves as the priming and two boys, kill two men cold blooded who were known by the girl only for to steal the money of them. With the money the three want to open a shop for clothing in the United States.

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Fresh Bait Yönetmen Bertrand Tavernier

Ödüller & Festivaller

Berlin International Film Festival

1995 | 2 ödül: Golden Bear

César Awards

1996 | 2 dalda aday: Most Promising Actor



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Fresh Bait can be perfectly summed up with two superlatives: It is both “very French” and “very ’90s.” The delightful combination accurately describes the time and place Bertrand Tavernier’s film was made—Paris 1995—but Fresh Bait also transcends its laser disc references by consciously building on foundations laid by movies such as Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures, from the year before, and Terrence Malick’s much earlier Badlands.
June 26, 2017
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