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Goodbye Gemini

Yönetmen Alan Gibson
Birlesik Krallik, 1970
Korku, Drama, Suç


Unnaturally close twin siblings Jacki and Julian become enmeshed in the swinging London scene, where they attract the attention of the heavily endebted gambler Clive.

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Goodbye Gemini Yönetmen Alan Gibson

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  • Maribou's rating of the film Goodbye Gemini

    A grubby, coming-apart-at-the seams, enjoyably tacky Brit flick on the theme of "aren't twins weird?". Primarily an excuse for showcasing the fag-end of London's swinging scene: a little bit dodgy, a little bit queer. Production design is a riot of 1970 hipster taste. All that sheepskin! Also features a bewildered and bewildering turn by Michael Redgrave.

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