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Guilty by Suspicion

Yönetmen Irwin Winkler
ABD, Fransa, 1991
Drama, Gerilim


David Merrill, a fictitious 1950s Hollywood director, returns from filming abroad in France to find that his loyalty has been called into question by the House Committee on Un-American Activities and he is unable to work until cleared.

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Guilty by Suspicion Yönetmen Irwin Winkler

Eleştirmen yorumları

Some of them have expressed so much antipathy for the picture that I went to the first screening at Webster Place last weekend expecting the worst. I emerged with some misgivings, but still I was deeply moved, and in a way that none of what I’d heard and read had led me to expect. Yes, the picture is flawed, but it is still something unusual in contemporary movies, a work that deserves to be called honorable, and not only in its intentions.
March 22, 1991
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