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Fuchi ni tatsu

Yönetmen Koji Fukada
Japonya, Fransa, 2016


Toshio hires Yasaka in his workshop, This old acquaintance, who has just been released from prison, begins to meddle in Toshio’s family life…

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Harmonium Yönetmen Koji Fukada
Among the film’s excellent performances, Mariko Tsutsui deserves extra praise—burdened with the task of playing a woman who physically and mentally unravels over time, she consistently manages to humanize Akie’s fractured interiority and erratic behavior, even when she decides to take the film to it’s horrifying, irreversible conclusion.
June 19, 2017
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The film has something of the feeling of a cold mathematical demonstration, which may leave viewers feeling short-changed—and which may make Harmonium, ultimately, the kind of bad dream that doesn’t get under your skin, but dissolves soon after you’ve woken. What does gives Harmonium a more resonant charge is the cast.
June 16, 2017
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There are many components that make Harmonium unexpectedly engrossing, but chief among them is its sense of space. With some exceptions, most of the film takes place within the family home, a setting that becomes familiar as the narrative unfolds. It feels fully lived in, something borne out by Fukada’s extensive use of unfussy but fairly rigorous compositions throughout.
June 16, 2017
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