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Human Desire

Yönetmen Fritz Lang
ABD, 1954
Drama, Kara Film


The Gloria Grahame-Glenn Ford pair star once again in this Fritz Lang feature, in which a Korean War veteran, rail worker Jeff, succumbs to the charm of an attractive woman suffering in thrall to a violent husband. So much that, in his desire to save her, he entertains thoughts of murdering him.

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Human Desire Yönetmen Fritz Lang

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I must confess a certain soft spot for it, and the genre buff in me would take it over La bête humaine at least three nights a week. It’s a scrappy and thoughtful little slice of nastiness, and for all the ways that it simplifies or sanitizes its origins—or at least partly attempts to—it introduces roiling complications and ambiguities underneath. Such are the ways that two treasures can grow from the same scenario.
June 28, 2018
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